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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Re-release of Werewolf Sanctuary. New Cover and Updated.

An authority on wolves, Veterinarian, Dr. Madeline Styles is hired to stop a disease killing the wolf pups at the Shadow of the Moon Wolf Sanctuary in Montana. Wyatt Weylan who runs the sanctuary is drop dead gorgeous, mysterious, and domineering. A man one does not deny.
The minute Wyatt sees Madeline, he is smitten—no—obsessed. Unfortunately, he is forbidden to mate a human. Could she be a rare wolf maiden? A woman with the mark of the wolf. Not possible.
Madeline discovers the pack’s true nature and unexpected dangers that come with living in a secret society. Wyatt does his best to ease her into the truth, yetan immediate threat from an enemy werewolf shadows their tentative relationship.
Other Books in the Wolf Maiden Saga:

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White Wolf of Avalon, Werewolf Knight: Epic fantasy historical paranormal romance set during King Arthur’s Camelot.

Beast Warrior, Werewolf Viking: An epic fantasy historical fantasy paranormal romance set during Viking times. Coming winter 2018.
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