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Thursday, November 8, 2018

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Planet Talzor Needs Brides Now Available Everywhere!

Planet Talzor Needs Brides
Shalhinari Space Chronicles
By Eva Gordon
The Misadventures of an Earthling Matchmaker


Mitzi leads a quiet life as a professional matchmaker. Her cozy life is turned upside down when she is chosen as the matchmaker for an alien species searching for wives. Naturally, she refuses. Unfortunately, she’s having a hard time saying no to the dashingly handsome but domineering alien warrior. Although, he makes her heart flutter, it’s a good thing he’s not her type.

Jax, captain of the Talzor starship, is ordered to hire a shalhinari, a spiritual matchmaker, to find soul mates for six of his men. He locates the best shalhinari on Earth; yet, Mitzi Selig the earthbound woman tries his patience. To his distress, he is drawn to her beauty, questioning his judgment. Worse, his long suppressed empathy gene awakens, a trait not seemly for a warrior.

The magnetic pull between Captain Jax and Mitzi is astronomical. Yet, can a tormented warrior and a woman who refuses to leave Earth find love? A long light-year distance relationship is one thing, but looming danger could curtail any chance for their star-crossed passion.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Re-release of Werewolf Sanctuary. New Cover and Updated.

An authority on wolves, Veterinarian, Dr. Madeline Styles is hired to stop a disease killing the wolf pups at the Shadow of the Moon Wolf Sanctuary in Montana. Wyatt Weylan who runs the sanctuary is drop dead gorgeous, mysterious, and domineering. A man one does not deny.
The minute Wyatt sees Madeline, he is smitten—no—obsessed. Unfortunately, he is forbidden to mate a human. Could she be a rare wolf maiden? A woman with the mark of the wolf. Not possible.
Madeline discovers the pack’s true nature and unexpected dangers that come with living in a secret society. Wyatt does his best to ease her into the truth, yetan immediate threat from an enemy werewolf shadows their tentative relationship.
Other Books in the Wolf Maiden Saga:

Lycan Gladiator: Epic fantasy historical paranormal romance set during Roman Times.

White Wolf of Avalon, Werewolf Knight: Epic fantasy historical paranormal romance set during King Arthur’s Camelot.

Beast Warrior, Werewolf Viking: An epic fantasy historical fantasy paranormal romance set during Viking times. Coming winter 2018.
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Release Party and Giveaway

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pre-order Alchemist of the Tenth Realm, Book 2 in the Realm Series

Heroes of the War against the Guild of the Golden Rose, Sophie and Logan risk leaving the comfort and safety of Skye to colonize the dangerous untamed territories of the Newlands, a continent that parallels America, but one of magic. 

Before they can embark on their new life, Sophie is trapped by a necromancer’s weapon. Under its spell, she is shanghaied on a ship heading for the Newlands where the Guild of the Golden Rose plans its resurrection as the Norvis Ordi.

Desperate to rescue his wife, Logan crosses the perilous ocean and joins forces with a young wizard and native skinwalkers to battle the dark forces that trapped Sophie. Can the Newlands be saved from necromancy or will darkness once again resurface, enslaving all?

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Slade, Team Greywolf Series, Book 1 is Featured at 99 cents for Limited Time!

Review SLADE is book 1 of Ms.Gordon’s offshoot of her Alpha Wolf’s Pet, taking us back to that world with the emphasis on the L.I.A.. One of the best parts of this is we get to see what has been happening to Dominic and Mia from Alpha Wolf’s Pet, as well as other characters who return in this new offering. SLADE, as her others have done, offers sweet and steamy romance, action of all kinds, good guys, bad guys and some you just aren’t sure where they stand but each fits perfectly into this world. I can’t wait to get my hands on book two!
~ Fresh Fiction
I found this book to be a better story than most I have encountered in this genre. It was Cricket. She made the story for me. I found her wit and sense of purpose and self to be refreshing and totally entertaining. I think I could be best buds with her.
~Dab of Darkness
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cover Reveal: Alchemist of the Tenth Realm, Realms Trilogy, Book 2

Coming Late Spring 2018

You might enjoy reading Book 1, The Stone of the Tenth Realm, however, you can jump in and enjoy this story as a stand-alone.  Must love epic but different fantasy novels. 

The Stone of the Tenth Realm, the story of a young woman who escapes a Nazi concentration camp and stumbles into a parallel world

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy Lupercalia

Happy Lupercalia: Wolf Valentine's Day

The Origins of the Lupercalia
Lupercalia was started to honor a forgotten fertility god, but during the Augustan period, the god Lupercus had been invented to explain the festival, according to the Dictionary of Roman Religion. Adkins and Adkins, authors of the book, state that Faunus might have been the god of Lupercalia.

The Lupercalia Festival Itself
The festival was held on February 15th, the day after the modern Valentine's Day Celebration. The month of February occurred later in the Roman calendar. Celebrants would gather at the Lupercal cave on the Palatine Hill in Rome, where Romulus and Remus were suckled by their adoptive wolf mother, according to Roman legend. Note: she-wolves suckling infants is a common trope. Try telling a she-wolf not to breast feed in public.

 The Latin for she-wolf was slang for prostitute. Servius, a 4th century pagan commentator on Vergil, says that it was in the Lupercal that Mars ravished and impregnated the twins' mother. (Servius ad. Aen. 1.273)

Luperci Priests made sacrifices of goats and dogs as part of the festival, and two young people were smeared by the blood of the sacrifice and then wiped away by wool dipped in milk. As part of the Lupercalia celebration, young men would go through the streets whipping people, mostly women, with strips of goat skins to encourage fertility.

 The occasion was happy and festive. It is from these implements of purification, or februa, that the month of February gets its name. This act also supposedly provided purification from curses, bad luck, and infertility. Not to mention some kinky fun.

During Lupercalia the names of available maidens were placed in a box and drawn out by the young men. Each man accepted the girl whose name he drew as his love - for the duration of the festival, or sometimes longer. This was just as good as online dating!

How you feel about dating a shifter? Inquiring werewolf lovers want to know. 

Celebrate Wolf Valentine's Day by entering my wolfish stories HERE

Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year New PNR series: Never Fear Team Greywolf is Here!

The Team Greywolf Series is a paranormal romance series with a werewolf twist with elements of science fiction, espionage, fantasy steamy romance and page turning suspense. Each book is a stand-alone with a complete ending.

Check  out series on Amazon as well as other Bookstores.