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Monday, October 30, 2017

Limited Sale: Hand of Miriam, A Bayla and the Golem Novel. So, why the golem?

Book 1 now 99 cents.

Hand of Miriam has many paranormal romance elements, which include werewolves, vampires, demons, angels and a secret society known as the Grigori (the sons of Fallen Angels). My story then takes a different fork from the average paranormal romance, not because it takes place in an alternative late Victorian era England but because I also include Jewish elements. My main character, Bayla Gideon is British Jew who while on an archeological expedition finds the Hand of Miriam or a hamsa, a small amulet shaped like a hand and embedded with an eye on the palm. It is common amulet used to ward off evil or the evil eye.
A sandstorm comes and when it’s over, Bayla is embedded with the Hand of Miriam and can now detect evil.  She must deal with reading peoples negative thoughts and the ire of other kind creatures.

Faced with new danger, Bayla awakens the golem to protect her. The golem character is based on the Jewish mythology that tells of a creature made of inanimate matter such as clay or mud. Golem myths date back to early Judaism.

So, why the golem.

The most famous story is the Golem of Prague. In the late 16 century, Rabbi Lowe created the golem to guard the Jewish ghetto against anti-Semitic thugs. There are numerous other versions, including one in which the golem falls in love and becomes violent. My golem is based on a mixture of several versions, but I then add my own new twist into the old legend and explain who the golem really is.
My golem, true to any romance story shifts into his former handsome self before he was turned into a golem. Since I first heard the romantic version of the golem story, I have been in love with him. I even had the chance to visit Prague a few years ago, where the golem still rests, so they say. No one knows exactly where. Here is the little golem I brought back from Prague.

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