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Sunday, August 28, 2016

K is for You have got to be Kid-ding me.

K is for Kid-ding

You’ve all heard of “adulting”, a term that has gone mainstream and means doing ‘adult’ things. Paying the bills, going to a 9-5 job, buying groceries, paying taxes…I can go on and on. Many people hate the term, which they rant is simply a term for “living”.
Millennials or twenty-somethings love the term, but you know what? So do some baby boomers, like, me. Baby boomers protested against the establishment. How many young hippies wanted a 9-5 job where you had to cut your hair and wear a suit? Or in the end, “sold out” by eventually becoming part of the establishment or “adulting”.

Anyway, I want to coin a new term, “kid-ding”, where an adult acts like a kid. You get to play like you once did as a ten year old kid. Coloring books, playing tag, dress-up sleepovers and other fun things kids do. Okay, I know, adults have hobbies where they get to have fun. But adults especially Americans tend to work longer hours and less vacation than other cultures. I think adults need more time to play or do more “kid-ding”. Life is too serious. “Kid-ding” is more than just doing a favorite weekend hobby. Children have that sense of wonder and joy. Ask questions. Discover. Imagination. Act like a child without being childish. Of late there are way too many adults in the media acting childish, but not enough simply being childlike. The way I see it, it’s important to act like a kid, without (another ‘k’ word) kvetching or whining.  

So while people are kvetching about “adulting” I’ll be searching for clouds that look like dragons, finding polliwogs, pretending I'm a condor, or on a swing “kid-ding”.