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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Eva Gordon's Alphabet: I is for Imagination

I is for Imagination

Imagination is the mind’s ability to be creative. Everyone has and uses their imagination, but writers, artists, dancers, and musicians use it as the driving force in their daily lives. As an author and a perpetual daydreamer, I am in a constant state of imagination. Don’t worry. I try not to daydream while driving, operating heavy machinery, or crossing a busy street. I still function in day to day life. However, malls often are imagined to be future dystopian worlds, or a hike in the forest becomes a path to Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s cottage. While standing in line at a grocery store, I study people and wonder what historical period they’d live in or whether I should classify them as an angel, vampire or werewolf? Fortunately, my mind brings me back to reality, but not for long.
Once I sit to work on my novel, typical of a panster or a psychic channeler, I let my imagination create characters who let me know what’s up and create fantastical worlds.  I also like to mix genres, because this really let’s my imagination go wild. Werewolves that are first born wolf before becoming human, werewolves that work for the Lycan Intelligence Agency, a golem that wakes up in a Victorian world, werewolves in fantasy historical stories, witches who combat zombies with the help of shifters, a woman who escapes Nazis and ends up in an alternate magical earth are just a few examples of how my brain works.

Me sitting in a wine cellar that inspired my underground werewolf caverns.

Final thought of the day.

Sticks and stones might break my bones, but my imagination will turn them into cyborg limbs so you better start running.

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