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Saturday, May 21, 2016

H is for Hero/Heroine

Hero and Heroines in my novels are often flawed, but on their journey they develop courage to battle adversity and finally earn their happily ever after. I will focus on Bayla, the heroine from my Bayla and the Golem Novels.

Bayla Gideon is a bluestocking(an intellectual or literary woman). She is obsessed with archaeology and natural history. I like women who show their strength by breaking barriers(in this case the Victorian view of a woman's place) to follow their passions. Smart women.  Brains always beats brawn. Like most of my heroines, Bayla has a wry sense of humor. A sense of humor is a must. If you can't laugh at yourself, why not laugh at the bad guys/gals?

Typical of my heroines, Bayla gets into trouble. While on an archaeological expedition, Bayla finds an ancient Hand of Miriam or a hamsa, a small amulet shaped like a hand and embedded with an eye on the palm. It is common amulet used to ward off evil or the evil eye.

Bayla can now detect evil.  On her return to England, she must deal with reading peoples negative thoughts and the ire of other kind creatures. 

Danger lurks everywhere and despite her flaws and fears, she will use her gift for good. Click below to watch a teaser.

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