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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Eva's Crazy Alphabet: D is for Danger

My characters often have interesting lifestyles, have  character flaws or inner demons and experience conflict with the character he or she is passionately in love and or in lust with.  However, if they happen to live in my novels, they face grave danger. Demons, evil werewolves, werewolf hunters, mad inventors, mobsters, and flesh eating zombies are but some of the dangers, my characters must face. Danger is a given in a paranormal romance/suspense or fantasy novel. 

If you are a character in my novel be prepared for an adrenaline rush before you get your happily ever after. That is, if you survive long enough for a happily ever after.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eva Gordon's crazy alphabet: C is for Coffee

C is For Coffee

Rich dark roast with a little cream. 
When writing my novels, coffee is my drug of choice. The aroma sets me in the mood for creativity and intellectual pursuits.  The taste awakens my muse.  Coffee. Write. Edit. Edit. Edit. More Coffee.

Monday, April 18, 2016

My Crazy Alphabet Musings: B is for Beta

Eva Gordon's Crazy Alphabet (B)

B is for Beta 

In wolf packs the beta is second in hierarchy after the alpha. If the alpha dies, the beta will take over and often mate with the alpha female. In my books, the beta is second in hierarchy as well, but doesn't necessarily take over if the alpha dies. In my stories it's more of a born-into-your status sort of thing. Learn more about alphas and betas in my books. Here

B is also for beta reader. A beta is pre-reader who reads an author's novel and points out issues with the plot, grammar or inconsistencies, or more depending on what stage of the manuscript the author is on. I love my beta readers! In my case, the betas read my book after editing and proofing. they make sure my critique partner, editor and proofer didn't miss anything. Quality control crew. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Eva Gordon's Crazy Alphabet (A)

The Alphabet letter of the day according to my books, zoology, or any other nonsense that spills from my brain. This will not necessarily be a daily blog, but one where I can sneak out of the cave or forest and make an entry. Feel free to comment what your letter represents.

A is for Alpha

In my books the top dog male or female. Leader of the pack. Hot sexy brooding hero. Slade, Book 1 (Team Greywolf series) is my best example. Click below pix to learn more about his stoty.