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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Release of Slade and Enter Givaway to win Alpha Wolf's Pet, Box Set

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ilona said...

If you were a wolf shifter, would you be an Alpha, Beta or Omega? I would like to think I'd be an Alpha but know in my heart that I'm more of an Omega.

Susan H said...

I'm definitely not an Alpha.I could be a Beta but know that I'm more of an Omega type.

Eva Gordon said...

The only time I was an alpha was as a biology teacher. LOL.

Donna said...

Beta all the way. I am too lazy to be Alpha and too pushy to be Omega

Eva Gordon said...

True, being an Alpha is way to much work. The stress of always being on top, giggles, is too much for me.

olivia456 said...

I would be an Alpha female. I've never been a follower although I can also be a good right hand