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Sunday, May 10, 2015

So? You want to date a werewolf? Lupa Lupine's Dating a Werewolf Column for the Howling Good Hop Event

Howlo Peeps prowling along the Howling Good Hop Event. Welcome to the fun hop full of great blogs and awesome prizes. I will include the link to enter the 100.00 Amazon or B&N Gift Card plus over 200.00 in prizes! Must comment and follow all blogs. To win an ebook copy of one of my novels (reader's choice) please comment by asking Lupa Lupine advise about your shifter or werewolf love interest or friend.

My name is Lupa Lupine and I'm an advice columnist for the Shifter Times.

I advise werewolves and shifters on anything from dating to fashionable easy wear with shifting in mind.

My wolf form
I was invited by the fabulous Melissa Snark (I suspect she'd Odin's child) and other paranormal romance authors who contributed to the Howling Good Hop event. I am of the lycan persuasion and in a relationship with a bear shifter. My pack refuses to give their blessing, but hey, shift happens.
 Today I will give a bit of advise and answer questions for all you humans who want to date a werewolf? Or any other shifter. Author Eva Gordon 's characters have had to confront the problem with dating a werewolf and so my emphasis will be on dating werewolves. But I'm open to any shifter questions.

Let's start with how can you tell if your boyfriend/girlfriend is a werewolf. Winks. Keep in mind, this will depend on the author's universe. Using he pronoun because I'm lazy. Answer each.

1. When you go out to eat he always orders a steak (medium rare). Avoids the salad, but seem to enjoy
2. He is anxious to leave before the full moon rises.
3. He growls when other men check you out.
4. Shaves often.
5. You often see a hint of fangs and feral like eyes.
6. He can see in total darkness.
7. Likes to stick his head out of the car window while you drive.
8. When you come home from work you find thick dog fur on your furniture, but you don't own a dog.
9. Loves going on long walks.
10. Postpones introducing you to his family.
11. When approaching his home, you hear howling.
12. Prefers wooden chopsticks over using silverware.
13. Never goes out on a full moon.
14. Has an uncanny ability to smell and hear things you don't.
15. He stalks you, or at least knows where you've been.
16. Your cat runs and hides when he comes over.
17. Tells you what full lips you have, the better to kiss you, what a nice round ass you have, the better to spank you...and on and on.
18. Hottest guy/girl you have ever dated. Muscular toned body as if he works out in the gym 24/7
19. During the heat of making love, he always says, MINE.
20. After having sex with him, he's pretty much ruined you for normal men.

If you have answered yes to at least five of these comments/questions you better get a place with a bigger yard. And please, seek my advise.

Dating a werewolf can have complications, but don't  worry, finding out your boy friend is a big bad wolf is not always a bad thing. No need to run out and buy silver bullets, and adorn your door with garlic. Here are some examples.

1. If the the world is overrun by zombies having a werewolf or shifter lover is better than hanging out with humans.
 (Click on links below to buy on Amazon)

Apocalyptic Moon, Book 1 in the After the Bane series
Raven Moon, Book 2 in the After the Bane series.

2. In the brutal world of Ancient Rome, perhaps having a lycan lover will provide you with protection from an evil emperor or not.

During a time of bloody gladiator games and treacherous schemes, a secret society of lycans live amongst the Romans.
When Ulric, a lycan gladiator, meets a mysterious human woman with green eyes, he’s drawn to her fiery beauty, enraptured by her alluring aroma. Unfortunately, Ulric and the beauty are slaves. To make matters worse, he can mate only with someone marked with the sign of the wolf.
Cassia’s hidden wolf mark burns in the presence of the handsome gladiator. While her heart yearns to be near Ulric, logic warns her against it—having a slave as a mate is against the lycan society’s plans for her.
In spite of the lycan society’s rules and the emperor’s brutal plots, their love grows … but their passion just may cost them their lives.

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3. Sometimes when the Witness Protection Plan can't keep you save, it's not so bad running across a powerful man who unbeknownst to you happens to be a werewolf.

Read the Entire  Alpha Wolf's Pet series starting with Hidden Book 1 (Now only 99 cents and available on Audible)

4. Living in a fantasy magical universe could be an interesting place to meet a handsome Scottish werewolf. No need to worry when landing in a dangerous forest or battling evil necromancers when you have a werewolf at your side. Click for Amazon here: The Stone of The Tenth Realm

So ask me for advise for a chance to win a copy of one of my ebooks (your choice). Then hop some more to win great prizes and visit fantastic blogs.

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bn100 said...

Any more advice?

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Jodi N said...

I would love to date a wolf hehe but oh the tips you added makes you think for sure lol

Jodi N said...

That was really funny :)

Lynn Smith said...

what are the main problems dating a bear shifter?

Lynn Smith said...

what are the main problems dating a bear shifter?

Eva Gordon said...

Hi bn100. ;)

When dating a shifter I keep an pair of extra large sweats in case I'm dealing with a naked man after he shifts.

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you Jodi,

Life with a shifter is never easy.

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Lynn,
Bear shifters are cuddly and fun, but yes can be challenging. They have a quick temper, which we call bear rage. They often control their anger by shaking a tree while in bear shift. Like the wolf, he will not want to share you.

Also be prepared for a long nap during the winter months and have a frig full of food when he awakens.

Melissa Ogletree said...

How do you deal with the shedding? I mean the dog is bad enough but a full grown man shifting that's a lot of extra fur to deal with! Thank you for the chance what a fun take on this hop! lissa at rochester.rr dot com

Eva Gordon said...

Tell me about it, Melissa, I once dated an Arctic wolf. White fur everywhere! Spring time is the worst time of the year. I go to Howl, Nip, and Tuck for all my grooming needs. Trust me, a good comb out once a week works wonders. They sell an excellent fur vacuum cleaner. Tell him to shift to human form before entering your home. If that gets his dander up, lose him.

Nay Nay said...

What do you do when your dragon shifter lover keeps setting the curtains on fire during sex? LOL
You are a new author for me and your books look intriguing. I am putting them on my wishlist.
Thanks for being part of this fun hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Nay Nay.

Eva Gordon said...

Hey, Nay Nay.
With dragon shifters, keep a fire extinguisher by the bed at all times. Best to have hot sex in a pool.;-)

Kristi Van Howling said...

How do you deal with him if he keeps marking all of the furniture? I love the excerpt of the book!

Kristi Van Howling said...

How do you stop a wolf shifter from marking (scratching) the furniture?

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Kristi,
Let him mark his territory outside your home. A nice circle. All shifters should be house broken.

Eva Gordon said...

Kristi, if he is scratching the furniture send him the bill for new furniture. Also, take him on long walks.

Jean MP said...

That was great, reading all the tips.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you Jean. I also do mate counseling. :)

Kathryn Kelly said...

My man or should I say wolf shifter is guilty to quite a few of those questions. He's very protective and gets jealous of other guys real easy, he doesn't do steak but definitely haves to have some kind of meat cuz according to him it's not a meal unless it has meat. And has completely ruined me for any other male in bed (doggy style being the best). He also has a fondness for wolves as in pictures and being his favorite animal and all. My question for you though is how do I get his inner wolf to relax and not get so jealous? It's not like I'm super hot but for some reason he thinks every male wants me. I tell him all the time he's my mate for life but he just doesn't trust other wolves.

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Kathryn,
I'm assuming you are not a wolf. Are you a human or a shifter (non-wolf)?

Possessiveness goes with the territory. Don't let him get away with being so protective and jealous. Put him in his place. I do provide mate counseling if you think his behavior goes deeper than the usual 'you are mine' thingy.

Linda said...

Love your advice so far =) Can´t wait for my own chance to try them out!
Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Thursday!

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Linda,
Enjoy and be careful.🐺🐺🐺

Anonymous said...

Loved the tips. Hope to use them in finding my wolf. Thanks for the chance.
Nicole Ortiz

Eva Gordon said...

Good luck with finding your wolf or getting in touch with your inner wolf in you.

Crystal Cox said...

What would you recommend wearing to entice a stubborn dragon shifter?

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Crystal,
Loving a dragon is not easy, but from what I've heard worth it. Dragons are attracted to red and orange colors. Wear a sexy red dress and bright jewelry.
To make a magic love potion add two of his scales to your tea and boil, then slowly sip it. His scent imbued on your tongue will turn him on. Let me know what happens. ;)

Stacey Smith said...

that was funny and good to know.
sasluvbooks at yahoo dot com

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you, Stacy. I might make this a regular column on my blog.

Eva Gordon said...

Nay Nay! You won a copy of one of my ebooks. Your choice. :)

Abbie Alvarez said...

You said to leave a comment on your blog hope I am doing it right. I would be a beta

Abbie Alvarez said...

I dont know if this is right but I would be a beta