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Monday, May 5, 2014

Werewolves, shifters, witches and the zombie apocalypse, oh my!

Ten reasons to start reading the After the Bane series:

1. You need something to do while waiting for the next season of The Walking Dead.
2. You love genre bending novels. A soup of high suspense, paranormal romance and the apocalypse.
3. You like hot werewolves.
4. You like hot shifters.
5. Kick ass heroine.
6. Kick ass hero.
7. Bad ass villains.
8. Sexual tension so thick, it fogs your reading glasses.
9. Tormented alpha males.
10. Zombies verses the fanged, winged and magical.

Start with book 1, Apocalyptic Moon  then cozy up to book 2, Raven Moon

I'm currently plotting book 3, Blood of the Moon. Stay tuned. The more you read my books the more you encourage my crazy imagination.


Annetta said...

Eva ... how soon for Blood of the Moon... I cannot wait!!

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you Annetta! Blood of the Moon will be 2015 or maybe sooner. Depending on the publication line.
It will continue with the first two couples, friends and onslaught of zombie hordes.

I'm currently working on a separate paranormal romance suspense novella series with steamier elements. More details coming soon.

Book 2 of my steampunk series also on it's way to editor soon.