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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blood Moon: April 14/15 Howling at the Total Lunar Eclipse

You don't have to be a werewolf to enjoy Monday night's  lunar eclipse. On Monday night,  the first night of Passover the moon will turn blood red. The occasion is a rare lunar eclipse, when Earth steps between the moon and the sun, blocking most of the light that makes it shine.

For the science behind the blood moon, here is a great video from


What happens to a werewolf (at least the ones influenced by the moon) during a lunar eclipse?

I have two different series with two different types of werewolves(Wolf Maiden Saga and After the Bane, plus another novella series in the works) so it's fun to offer some fun possibilities.

 Here are a few ideas.

1. They will become enraged and go on a killing rampage.
2. They will go partial werewolf. How do you explain that at a dinner party?

3. They are cured. (Nope I don't like that one.)
4. Female werewolves go into heat and go mad with lust. Watch out human dudes!
5. People who stare too long at the blood moon turn werewolf until the lunar eclipse is over. (I like this one, just to know what it feels like, especially since my werewolves don't feel the pain of the shift.)

Comment if you can think of any more.

I tend to love titles with the word, moon, maybe because I'm a bit loony. Now thinking about my moonish title for book 3.


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