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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wolf Appreciation Continues

 Sharing some fun wolfish factoids.

    Wolf Factoids:
1.      Wolves are superdogs. Smell: Desired scent can be picked up 1.75 miles away.Hearing: Can hear    six miles away in a forest and ten miles away in an open field. 80khz (we hear at 20khz)
2.      Wolves have 5 toes on the front feet and 4 toes on the back feet.
3.      Wolves feet are webbed and in that webbing are scent glands that mark their steps so they can find the trail again
4.      Dominance is not always based on size but rather personality
5.      Wolves are pregnant about 60-63 days
6.      Wolf pups are born deaf and blind.  Litter sizes range from 4-7 pups and are born in April through June.  Pups emerge from their den at about one month of age.  The survival rate for pups is only 50%.
7.      When pack members return from a hunt they are nipped on the snout by the pups causing the hunters to regurgitate undigested meat for them
8.      Wolves usually have a low hunting success rate.
9.      Lone wolves have no social territory and rarely scent-mark or howl.
10.  Although wolves are feared throughout much of the world, documented cases of wolf attacks on humans is extremely rare and most likely due to rabies.


Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

Thanks for sharing the Wolf facts. My son loves animals. The facts will interest him.

I found your blog on Book Review Diva's Blog/ Website hop. Mine is:

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Stella,
Thanks. Wolves are awesome creatures.

I will visit your blog too. :)