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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Author Eva Gordon Release Party and Amazon Gift Card Contest 1/23 – RSVP HERE!

Here's the link for today's event:


Join us on 1/23 with author Eva Gordon for a release party, chat and contest. This event post goes up at 12:00pm Central and runs into the evening. For those visiting from outside of the US, here is the time conversion link. We are in the Chicago time zone:

She will be talking about her new book Hand of Miriam a Bayla and the Golem novel.

Here is the link to the Bitten By Books Review: BBB Review 

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Kat de Falla said...

How much input did you have in your fab cover and how did you come up with the idea/the pose??

Eva Gordon said...

I worked with a great British artist, Nicolene van Staden. She and I worked together on the concept and she listened to what I wanted.
Here is her website:

shellie hedge said...

How did you figure out that this is the kind of book that you wanted to write?

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Shellie,
I love steampunk and paranormal romance so I wanted to combine the two.

Hope you can join me at my release party at Bitten by Books for more questions and darn good imaginary food. :)

Froggy said...

who would you love to co author a book with?

Eva Gordon said...

A film director like Peter Jackson. Or a manga artist.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Is this book part of series? If so how many books will there be?

Tanya conaway said...

Who would you cast as your lead characters

Eva Gordon said...

Hi,my intention is a duology. Book 2 is titled, Her Majesty's Witch. Spring 2014 release. Unless, readers want more. ;)

The spin-off series will be The Bluestocking Adventurous Club series.
Highly intelligent corseted women who prefer adventure to the mundane, but who must put up with their overprotective alpha male love interests.

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Tanya,
Joe Manganiello (Alcide from True Blood) will play Gesher and Jessica De Gouw who plays Mina Murray in the new NBC series "Dracula.

Rebecca Edwards said...

Where do you draw inspiration from for your stories?

Eva Gordon said...

Hi Rebecca,
I draw inspiration from nature. There is something magical about walking in the woods or working with hawks and wolves.

I also love world mythology and animal lore.