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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paranormal Romance Guild 5 Star Review for Lycan Gladiator.

I'm happy as a wolf under the full moon. Lycan Gladiator just received 5 Stars from Paranormal Romance Guild. Hooowling!!! Read it by clicking here:  Paranormal Romance Guild

Other news:
Prepping Hand of Miriam, A Bayla and the Golem Novel for publication. I have my cover flat and will download to print soon.

Here are my postcards for my swag.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hand of Miriam, A Bayla and the Golem Novel, Cover reveal and blurb.

Back cover blurb:

On an archaeological expedition, Bayla Gideon, is widowed by a supernatural force and branded with the Hand of Miriam or Knowing Eye. Threatened by evil, she awakens the golem; a mythical man of clay, who protected the Jewish community over three centuries ago.

The golem, Gesher, is surprised. Freedom –by a beautiful, enchanting woman. His desire is to return to the celestial spheres and regain his status as an avenging angel. Yet, Bayla challenges his mind, body and soul. Would he risk his return to the heavens for her? 

Besides, dealing with the otherkind, mad inventors and an unrelenting matchmaking aunt, Bayla is equally determined to resist her steamy attraction to the striking fallen angel. 

Thrust into a malevolent war, which includes facing Jack the Ripper, they must resist the magnetic pull toward each other, while protecting the world from encroaching evil.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Glossary for My Wolf Maiden Saga Universe

Hi, I wrote up a glossary to help you with my current and future works in the Wolf Maiden Saga. Give me a howl if you have any more questions.

Glossary for the Wolf Maiden Saga
Pack Hierarchy

Lycan:  An ancient line of humans that shift into large bear sized massive wolves with distinctive tattoos depicting their specific pack. Also known as wolfen, wolf men, wolfskins and werewolves. Their shape shifting is not painful but rather pleasurable. Lycans are superior to humans in many ways. They have the strength of ten men, and the alpha has the strength of five or more lycans. They can heal over night from severe wounds and are immune to most diseases except for the dreaded rabies and the toxin from wolf bane flower. They are very loyal and gentle with their young and pack members.

Alpha Lycan:  Dominant lycans that are leaders of their packs and can are not under the influence of the moon. They can shift at any time.  The alpha male must control his pack of betas.
Male Alpha: The male alpha leads the pack.  He is the result of a lycan and human woman mating. He is the most powerful member of the pack and like all alphas can shift at any time. Alpha males can only marry a wolf maiden, a human life mate.
Female Alpha:  A female lycan not under the influence of the moon. She helps protect the pack and serves as a surrogate parent to all the pack children. Alpha females are barren. The Lupercal or Lycan secret governmental body is run by twelve alpha females.

Wolf Maiden: A human woman with the wolf print birth mark, which turns bright red when she is imprinted by her alpha life mate. A wolf maiden can be born to a pack or randomly among humans, unaware of her role. She is also known as an Ulf hexen in Viking culture. During the Middle Ages she was also called a wolf witch or a woman marked with the sign of the beast. Though she is meant for an alpha mate, she can marry and though it takes longer can get pregnant by a human and have normal males who can then have future wolf maidens.

Beta Lycans: Lycans that shift only during the full moon. They must be controlled by the alpha since they can become mindless beasts that roam around and kill.
Omega Lycans: Lycans that are used as slaves, no matter their rank. In ancient times they were no more than slaves for the higher ranked lycans. The Lupercal no longer allows pack members to be treated like omegas since a near revolt during ancient times.

Lupercii: Human men that serve the Lupercal and Lycans. They serve as spies for the  lycan society and worship the lycan goddess, Feronia. They often take alpha female lycans as consorts. The Lupercii hope that in their next life they will be born as lycans.

Lycan Gods and Society
Feronia:  The goddess of the lycans. She is said to have been a wolf maiden who took a shape shifting giant wolf as a lover. She communes with her oracles, especially with the leader of the Lupercal and wolf maidens.
Lusna: Moon goddess that gave them the gift of painless shifting.

Lupercal: Governmental and spiritual body of the secret lycan society. It is run by twelve alpha female lycans. The leader of the Lupercal is often a seer and or sorceress. Their word is law and any who disobey will be considered rogue and or be punished by returning to their next life as a prey animal.

Lupercalia: Early spring festival when most wolf maidens and beta lycans become fertile. Rituals allow for wild sex escapades. Call of the wild.

Den brother or sister: Pack member that a lycan grew up with, not necessarily related by blood.

Valeria Luperca: A wolf maiden that has the healing touch. Can heal any lycan both physically and emotionally. 

Bear men: Also known as bearskins. An ancient line of humans who could shift into bears at anytime. Their shift is painful. Like bears they hibernate during the winter. They can be slow witted, strong and have a short temper. During ancient times lycans killed most off from the continent.

Conditions that Harm Lycans

 Lunar Madness: A condition, though rare, which can occur when an alpha suppresses his shift for too long. It will cause the alpha to shift with the pull of the moon until his system stabilizes.

Rabies: A viral disease transferred from the bite of an infected animal.  A lycan's greatest fear.

Werewolf Bite fever: An infection that can kill a human from the bite of a lycan.

Wolfsbane: A flower that is toxic to a lycan. It is often used as poison because a lycan cannot smell or taste it.

 If you think of other terms you wish to suggest I add to my glossary list, let me know. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Publication News

Galley for Raven Moon, Book 2 in After the Bane series  is done! Release date: some time  2014. Cover reveal.

Hand of Miriam (A Bayla and the Golem Novel) my gothic/steampunk/fantasy/romance is in the final stage of editing/galley. Cover reveal coming soon. I hope for a December 2013 release.

Street team members still needed. Interested? Contact me. Here are two buttons.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Homework on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Hi Everyone,
Today I'm featured on  I Smell Sheep Blog. Come in and read my list on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Spotlight: Apocalyptic Moon.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Winner of Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop Book Giveaway

Congrats Shadow,
You are the winner of Apocalyptic Moon.

Dear Friends, stay tuned for more blog events and giveaways. Nov. 1-30 Year End Splash. My day for a giveaway is November 12.

The Romance Review Year End Splash

Friday, November 1, 2013

Today: Lycan Gladiator 5 Star Review and e-book copy Giveaway Rafflecopter on Lovely Reads (Ends in 6 Days)

Check out my latest review for Lycan Gladiator on Lovely Reads

Do enter the Rafflecopter for a chance to win an e-book copy of Lycan Gladiator. Contest ends in 6 Days.