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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of an Author Excerpt 4

Excerpt 4 Providing Author with Feedback

Your author has just finished the novel, or novella. Time to celebrate. You are ready to send or publish the manuscript!!!

Okay, it might be your third, tenth or more edits, but you need to hand over your baby to a pair of fresh eyes. A critique group/partner, beta readers, or editor. Maybe even hire someone. Your best friend, favorite aunt or the man you sleep with does not count. Be careful not to partner with a meanie who will tear down your author mojo.

Your author will appreciate all the typo and grammatical errors found. Redundant sentences, gone. Too many 'that's etc.. However, it might get worse. The scene doesn't work, Your heroine is annoying. On and on until the author screams. 

The author has the right not to change one thing but at least can consider another person's opinion.  In the end, it takes a village(critique partner, beta readers, editors, publishers, and a good coffee maker) to guide an author's work to publication. 

So when you acquire your author make sure he/she allows others he/she trust to read the manuscript with fresh eyes. 

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