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Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Muse's Guide to Care and Feeding of An Author Excerpt 3

A Muse's Guide to Care and Feeding of An Author 

Scheduled Writing Time

Your author must develop good writing habits and that means sitting down and writing! He/she may spend ten minutes a day or write non-stop for two weeks streets with short cat naps. Every author will be different. Author Eva Gordon likes to keep a goal of writing 10,000 words/week during the rough draft stage. About 2000 words/day. The editing stage slows her down and she is tied to her computer fine tuning and polishing, sometimes as slow as a chapter a day. Imagine being chained until the last sentence of a 100,000 word novel is completed. Eva's two muses are the ravens, Hugin and Munin. Her muses are relentless and as soon as she is done with one story characters from her next story come knocking.

Once a manuscript is completed she celebrates with wine and chocolate. The chains are removed and she frolicks in the forest, but not for too long.

Every author will have unique habits. For example, as soon as the computer goes on, Eva finds the spotify playlist for her background music, then she reads e-mails, marks to be read for the afternoon when she is too bleary eyed to work. That explains all the typos in her e-mails. Hot coffee is made for day and she leaps into her imaginary world.

I found this interesting article on some weird habits of some famous writers. Made me smile. On weird-writing-habits-of-9-famous authors

What are your weird author habits? 

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