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Monday, October 28, 2013

Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop Giveaway (Including 60.00 Amazon Gift Card! ) My topic: Interview with Tower of London Raven

Eva's Topic: Interview with a Tower of London Raven

Cawing to all my friends who share my spirit guide, the Raven.  Actually my writing muses are Huginn(Thought)  and Muninn (Mind). In Norse Mythology the two ravens bring information to Odin. 
My pair bring me my story ideas. I even have raven shifters in my After the Bane series. Book 2, Raven Moon coming soon.

As Halloween draws near, you will see more ravens. Like ghosts, witches, owls, werewolves,vampires they are perceived as evil and or spooky.

 I can understand why, at one time they ate the corpses of fallen soldiers left in ancient battlefields. Even enjoyed an eyeball or two. Then there is Edgar Allen Poe and the Raven. However writing about why ravens are perceived as evil is another blog topic. I prefer to see them in a positive light and so I will focus on the Tower of London Ravens.

I just returned from the Tower of London after interviewing a Tower Raven, named Cedric. Let's find out more about this odd piece of British History.

Interview with Cedric, Raven from the Tower of London

Eva: Who takes care of you and the others in the flock?
Cedric:  The Ravenmaster, also known as a Yeoman Warder. He makes sure we are fed, our cages cleaned and we have all day to do as we please on the grounds.  At dusk we return to our mews, usually without protests since at night there are the dangers of fox and cats.  After all our wings are clipped so there is no escape.

E: Has there always been a Ravenmaster?
C: The post of Ravenmaster only goes back about 40 years. Before that, they were called Yeoman Quartermasters. We have always lived in and around the Tower of London.  Our free cousins laugh at us because we are never too far. Even during battles. Humans worry too much, though we don’t mind war too much because it means more meat.
E: How many ravens are there in your flock?
C: 6 ravens at all times. This dates back to King Charles II when a soothsayer forewarned him:

 “if the ravens left the Tower, the White Tower would collapse and a great disaster befall the Kingdom”.
E: And are there extra ravens in case anything happens to the ones in the Tower?
C: Absolutely, but they are kept in wildlife parks until needed to serve our country. I’m never too fond on meeting replacements, especially since the humans can’t tell the difference between male and females. Caw! Imagine?

Raven Mews

E: What are you fed?
C: Every other day we get a boiled egg and chopped apple, grapes  and if we are lucky  cheese. The best part is we get fresh meat and even my favorite, roadkill. That is if the Ravenmaster determines it’s not too damaged. We all love blood soaked biscuits. Caw!

E: Do you enjoy visits from the human tourists?
C: We do rather enjoy teasing them. We like to bark like dogs and perform numerous antics and watch their beakless mouths gape open. Humans think they are the only ones with a sense of humor and even think they are the only ones that can make tools. 

E: So you don’t feel inferior to humans?
C: Caaaww! Are you kidding we can fly so we don’t need to invent cars and planes. And we don’t  waste food.

E: Right, that ravenous appetite. Moving to a spookier subject. Do you see human ghosts here at The Tower of London?
C: All the time.  Old ones, young ones and countless headless ones.
E: Does it spook you to see them?
C: No. We are messengers between the two worlds, this one and the next.  

E: Thank you Cedric. I'm off to the Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop. But first Let's listen to Corvus Corax (Species name of the Raven)
German Group Corvus Corax!

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: Raven Moon, Book 2 in The After the Bane Series

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Standard Poodle Skips Treats to Finish Reading Apocalyptic Moon

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excerpt 5 A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of their Author.

The Emotional Well Being of Your Author

Authors live to write, a passion that  brings them great joy, but can also be wrought with rejection  and frustration. Rejection by agents, publishers or if already an established author, harsh reviews, poor sales, and making little money. Writer's block, writers distractions, writer's back aches...Then there are deadlines, and life stresses that interfere with the writing lifestyle.

Sometimes the author feels like a T-Rex is going to eat them. Yikes fight or flight reaction. The blood pressure goes up, the stomach lining thins and the author stays up all night, in case the T-Rex finds their hiding place.

Time to Chill!
How can the author relax and smell the roses or in Eva's case enjoy her coffe?

Encourage the author to:

Step outdoors and get some sunshine to boost your serotonin and mood. Bring a friend.

Exercise: Run, yoga, bike, walk, dance, martial arts. Move.


Volunteer or help others in need. Pay it forward
Talk to your family/ friends/writing buddies.

Think of  ways to amuse your author. 

So if you happen to be a muse looking for an author, you now have some of the basics. Again, authors will vary and require specific care.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meet Author Interview Today

Fabulous author Diane Burton is interviewing me today and spotlighting Lycan Gladiator. 

Say hello and make my day. Tomorrow my tour focuses on Apocalyptic Moon.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bring Your Love for Werewolves back in Time to Ancient Rome

Today the Blog Werewolf Tour: Spotlight/Excerpt for Lycan Gladiator

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of an Author Excerpt 4

Excerpt 4 Providing Author with Feedback

Your author has just finished the novel, or novella. Time to celebrate. You are ready to send or publish the manuscript!!!

Okay, it might be your third, tenth or more edits, but you need to hand over your baby to a pair of fresh eyes. A critique group/partner, beta readers, or editor. Maybe even hire someone. Your best friend, favorite aunt or the man you sleep with does not count. Be careful not to partner with a meanie who will tear down your author mojo.

Your author will appreciate all the typo and grammatical errors found. Redundant sentences, gone. Too many 'that's etc.. However, it might get worse. The scene doesn't work, Your heroine is annoying. On and on until the author screams. 

The author has the right not to change one thing but at least can consider another person's opinion.  In the end, it takes a village(critique partner, beta readers, editors, publishers, and a good coffee maker) to guide an author's work to publication. 

So when you acquire your author make sure he/she allows others he/she trust to read the manuscript with fresh eyes. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Muse's Guide to Care and Feeding of An Author Excerpt 3

A Muse's Guide to Care and Feeding of An Author 

Scheduled Writing Time

Your author must develop good writing habits and that means sitting down and writing! He/she may spend ten minutes a day or write non-stop for two weeks streets with short cat naps. Every author will be different. Author Eva Gordon likes to keep a goal of writing 10,000 words/week during the rough draft stage. About 2000 words/day. The editing stage slows her down and she is tied to her computer fine tuning and polishing, sometimes as slow as a chapter a day. Imagine being chained until the last sentence of a 100,000 word novel is completed. Eva's two muses are the ravens, Hugin and Munin. Her muses are relentless and as soon as she is done with one story characters from her next story come knocking.

Once a manuscript is completed she celebrates with wine and chocolate. The chains are removed and she frolicks in the forest, but not for too long.

Every author will have unique habits. For example, as soon as the computer goes on, Eva finds the spotify playlist for her background music, then she reads e-mails, marks to be read for the afternoon when she is too bleary eyed to work. That explains all the typos in her e-mails. Hot coffee is made for day and she leaps into her imaginary world.

I found this interesting article on some weird habits of some famous writers. Made me smile. On weird-writing-habits-of-9-famous authors

What are your weird author habits? 

Blog Tour Stop for October 6, 2013 Review and Spotlight for Apocalyptic Moon

My werewolves are out and about and touring a blog near you.  Today, Apocalyptic Moon, Book 1 of the After the Bane series had a great review on Lauriethoughts-Reviews

Come in before the zombies get you and find out the 18 tips you need to know to survive a zombie apocalypse in the world of the After the Bane Series.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Travel Back in Time to Ancient Rome with Paranormal Romance Author Eva Gordon

Come join me at Author Roast and Toast. Plenty of food, gladiators, and hot baths. And learn more about Lycan Gladiator, Book 1 of the Wolf Maiden Saga

I will be popping in all day, as the guest roasted and toasted author.

Just Click Here: Author Roast and Toast

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of an Author Entry 2

Entry 2 (Next Entry:  Oct. 6)

Providing Writing Equipment For Your Author

Your author will need a desk to write on, pen and ink, plenty of paper, oh, wait. No, your author still needs a desk but with a type writer. 

Okay, just kidding. Although there are rare authors who still write on a pad of paper or even type, today's author needs a computer. Life is so much easier for writers today with computers and research searches at their fingertips. You will need to provide internet service for your author.
Think of all the trees authors have saved by not using paper to work on their manuscripts. 

Above is Eva hugging a tree that might have been cut down if she had done her re-edits on paper.

Other tools, you may provide are index cards, journals, e-readers, dry erase board, (Eva brainstorms her scenes on dry-erase boards). Some authors love to keep a collection of research books, however this depends on type of genre and the amount of research available on the internet.

A paranormal writer's dream workplace (Just need to add the Apple Computer)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More on Muse's Guide Entry 2 on Wednesday. Today I wanted to share another 5 star Review for Lycan Gladiator.

New 5 Star Review for Lycan Gladiator