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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of an Author (Entry 1 : The Setting)

A Muse's Guide to the Care and Feeding of an Author 

Entry 1 : The Setting

Before you choose an author you must provide him and her with an ideal setting to encourage the creative juices. Above is an example of author Eva Gordon's ideal setting. A cabin in the Sequoia National Forest at the end of winter. Due to circumstances, Eva's normal writing den is in her home but if she had her way, she would be writing her fantasy novels in some cabin or English cottage. Maybe in a beach bungalow in Bali. Honestly, you need to make sure your author does not get too distracted. Also consider your author's financial means. Muses often love the challenge of a poor author.

A writing retreat can be as simple as her home, park bench, the local Starbucks, silent library or noisy pub.
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Which one would you choose for your author?

The next entry will be on the proper writing desk and tools you need to provide for your author.

Love to hear from authors and readers about their perfect writing or reading retreat. 

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