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Monday, April 1, 2013

This week's disease:Epidemiology or Natural History of the Z-Phage Virus

As noted in (Apocalyptic Moon, heroine) Dr. Dora Adler’s brief memo to Shifter Consortium
Causative Organism: Z-phage retrovirus that attacks the brain. Other names include the zombie disease, zombie virus and ghoul virus. Known as the Bane in the secret shifter society. 

Historical Record:  Unknown origins. No zoonotic agent as in Banna virus. No recorded history of a patient zero.  Theories about the first outbreaks range from a rabies mutation, biological weapons to debris from meteors.

Host:  Humans only. Animals and Shifters do not become infected. 

Mode of Transmission: Bite transmits infected blood and saliva and in some cases, blood spray can infect via open cuts. Quickly travels to central nervous system.

Incubation Period:  Rapid. 24 to 48 hours.

Period of Incommutability: Bitten patients are permanently contagious and will rage and feed on the living. They remain in a resting stage during bright sunlight, otherwise they travel in swarms in search of fresh humans. They will continue to eat a person alive until he/she dies and the eaten dead become rigor mortis. Once rigor occurs the zombie stops eating the human.

Symptoms and damage: Bloodshot eyes, blinding headache, chills, high fever, seizures. As infection spreads, the skin turns grey and upon death, the patient reanimates and craves human flesh.

Frontal lobes are damaged so zombies can’t think. They are uncoordinated due to damage to cerebellum. Abnormal amygdala and hippocampus causes rage. Zombies do not feel pain and rely on the five senses to hunt.

Mortality Rate: 100% Mortality Rate.

Cure and Prevention: No cure, always fatal. Creation of vaccine years away. Quarantine the infected. The only way to stop the raging zombie is to destroy its brain. All rescued humans must be searched for bite marks and kept in quarantine for one week.

Find out what the Centers for Disease Control recommend for preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse:

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