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Monday, February 25, 2013

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

In honor of Purim I've Reviewed The Story of Esther

The Story of How Esther Saved her People.

Genre: Historical Romance/Suspense
Publisher: The Megillah (See below)
Word Count: Quite a bit but you read the entire scroll on Purim. Yep, one day. No kindle. Just un-roll and read together.
Author: Mordechai

Review in a nutshell:
Long ago, (4th century BCE) in a country called Persia in a walled city known as Shushan, there was a king named Achashveyrosh or his Persian name was Xerxes. He married the beautiful Vashti. The King ordered his wife the queen to appear before a party of his drunken guests, naked. She claimed acne but she still disobeyed a royal decree. Drama queen or modest? When she refused, the king was furious and banished her.

A king can't be without a queen so an order was given to bring all the lovely ladies of the land. The prettiest and the sweetest would earn the queen's crown. Kind of like TV's Bachelor but with more hangings and beheadings. I'm sure that's where the idea of the Bachelor came from or was it from Survivor?

Anyway. He chose to give the lovely Esther, a Jew the final rose, I mean the crown.

Only problem was that his key adviser, Haman is plotting against her people. Boo. Boo. Swing the grogger because he is evil and antisemitic. Oh and the king does not know she is Jewish.

They are so happy in love. Ahhh. But Esther hides her religion from hubby. Dr. Phil would not like this, but she was advised by her uncle Mordecai to keep her faith a secret.. The Jews have been exiled from Israel and live in Persia, but antisemitism is on the rise because of the evil Haman who wants to kill all the Jews.

 Haman convinces the King to authorize a royal decree to annihilate the Jews.


Esther tells the king she is a Jew and though he cannot break a royal decree, he allows the Jews to arm themselves. They fight and survive. Haman is hung and all ends well.

Now on Purim we eat hamentashen, cookies that look like Haman's hat.

The story was well plotted with a lot of sexual tension, and heart wrenching suspense. Loved the Happily Ever After Ending.  I give it 5 Stars of David.

So what do you think is your most romantic biblical story? One commenter will get my favorite recipe for Hamantashen.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Winner of Comment Post

Congratulations Yelena C.,
You won a pdf copy of Apocalyptic Moon for your comment on The Bloody Valentine's Day Blog Hop. Please send me your contact information.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bloody Valentine's Day Blog Hop. Valentine's Day in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Bloody Valentine's Day blog hop. For one day writers and bloggers will dispense with the sappy romance and show you the bad side of love. Come be part of the fun!  On the left you will see the other blogs on today's hop. Most blogs including my own will be offering prizes. One lucky commenter I choose will get a free pdf e-copy of Apocalyptic Moon. See the question after my blog.

Valentine’s Day in a Post-Apocalyptic Zombie World

The power grid is gone. Our government has lost control. A disease has ravaged humanity or a great environmental disaster or even nuclear war has turned the earth into ghost planet.  There are numerous scenarios from the biblical apocalypse to alien invasion or the current favorite, a zombie pandemic.
Survivors will have to deal with starvation, finding drinkable water, the danger from whatever had caused the apocalypse (demons, aliens, radiation, robots or zombies), and the road warrior type gangs, looting raping and killing. 

Because my paranormal romance happens during a zombie apocalypse, the zombie pandemic will be my metaphor for romance in the apocalypse.

What will happen to romance and love during the apocalypse? No flower shops left for buying her Valentine’s roses, no birth control pills or condoms, no going to Victoria’s Secret to buy lingerie to get him in the mood.  Yikes, no Viagra for older gentlemen.  Okay, so you can loot pharmacies, but for how long? In a matter of days, all supplies are gone. Unless you are a ‘prepper’ (people preparing for a true apocalypse in underground bunkers), things in the romance department will get sticky, or is that messy?  Without working plumbing, how will one smell nice for the cute guy next door who just cut off a zombie’s head. 

Sex will be dangerous. Imagine being pregnant while zombies roam the earth? Remember, Lori from The Walking Dead? How do you get a year supply of birth control pills? Time to start making friends with a chemical pharmacist.  (Truth is most medial types will be the first to get exposed.) Condoms you say. How long can condoms be stored for? Who will be willing to make sheepskin condoms? this is not covered in my survival book. Avoid sex? Not likely. The drive to reproduce to survive as a species is a biological priority. Who will be the new Adam and Eve?
Romance of course will not go away, no matter how disastrous. And I’m not just talking about smitten teenagers like in Warm Bodies (I have not seen this movie yet.) but any person, no matter what age. We all want someone to snuggle with while zombies shuffle behind the walls of our safe room.  

Romance might even be enhanced. Studies have shown that danger may even contribute to falling in love. (2004. Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love. New York, NY: Henry Hold and Company, LLC.).  Probably  because of the drive to reproduce before dying Darwin thing? 

Certainly being in love uplifts your mood, which might be a good thing if there are no more ice cream parlors or fun comedies to watch.

Love may be the second time around. There will be widows, widowers and many who have lost their significant others or entire family. Maybe we will settle for companionship instead of our beloved soul mate. 

Or will we become survival practical? A man or woman who is a master archer may suddenly be more attractive than the guy/gal with the MBA. Again, I’m thinking of Daryl from the Walking Dead, not my type but during the zombie Apocalypse, a big yes. Cave man who can bring down a mammoth, I mean zombie.

In my current novel, the hero is a zombie fighting werewolf (good thing he is immune to the zombie's bite).

Vegans can hook up with botanists who know their edible plants. Or how about that brilliant mechanic who is a steampunk nerd?

Comment on the perfect Valentine’s gift you would want if you lived during the zombie apocalypse? I will choose my favorite comment to win a free copy of my paranormal romance, Apocalyptic Moon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On Valentine's Day Join the Bloody Valentine's Day Blog Hop

Bloody Valentine's Day blog hop. For one day writers and bloggers will dispense with the sappy romance and show you the bad side of love. Come be part of the fun!

We will be celebrating heartbreak, love gone wrong, romantic mayhem and tragedy, hopefully with that little splash of humor and blood. There will also be prizes to be won, so sign up to be a participant or mark it on your calender.

My blog will be on Celebrating Valentine's Day in Post-Apocalyptic World.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Honor of Valentines Day and The Walking Dead Premiere

I found a date through zombie harmony - one of the best free dating sites for zombies
Created by (Dating for non-zombies)

Don't forget about The Bloody Valentines Day Blog Hop on Thursday, February 14. Come in and comment. The most amusing tagline commentator will win  a free PDF Copy of Apocalyptic Moon.