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The Romance Reviews

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The last two Tarot cards, Judgement and The World and My Author Journey

Dear visitors to the Bestiary Parlor, today I'm finishing my thoughts with the last two Tarot cards of the Major Arcana, Judgment and The World. I will not blog about the Minor Arcana but will study them on my own and see how they influence my writing life and even help me develop new characters. In the meantime, I must focus on the galley for Apocalyptic Moon and hope to visit the Parlor next week.

Hearing and heeding a call. 

This card tells me that I am doing exactly what I'm suppose to do, creating worlds and writing about them.  It's sometimes scary to follow your dream but as Master Yoda might say, 'follow you must'.

The World Card
Successful completion.

Congratulations. As a writer, you have achieved your goals. Maybe it was 2,000 words for today, finishing a novel, completing the last book in a series, and or becoming a New York best seller. Time to celebrate. Now smile, enjoy a glass of wine and fine chocolate. Take pause and breathe. Now time to start your next endeavor. J.K. Rowling ended Harry Potter and now she is ready for her next book journey. She understands that with achievements comes new beginnings.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Card: The Sun and My Author Journey

The Sun 
Clarity that brings joy.

The woman in the card is showing pure happiness and joy. Life is beautiful. Everything is good. For an author that moment can happen when you get 'the call', a five star rating, completing a novel, a beta reader's approval, or in the satisfaction of doing what you love, writing.

I added the sun card above because of the raven. The raven is my power animal and my muse.