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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two Tarot Cards Today. The Hanged Man and The Death Card and my Author Journey

The Hanged Man
Willing surrender to an experience or situation.

Normally the hangman represents loss of dignity or even sacrifice/martyrdom. The Hanged Man tells us to expect something that throws our world out of order. Stability and security disappear and we are left vulnerable. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The magnificent fruit bat hangs upside down and has a different view of the world. Perhaps if we are stuck in a safe rut we need our world shaken up in order to have fresh inspiration. A new upside down point of view is created. 

Often writers need to hang upside down to be inspired. A scene that doesn't work, a story that's not sold, a character without good development are a few examples of ways we can remain stagnant. It's uncomfortable when our critique partner or editor tells us the manuscript (or part of it) does not work. We hang upside down fuming. Suddenly we give in to the universe and a spark lights up. Yes, that's it. Maybe a little shock is all we needed to make the story, character, query...etc... better.

The Death Card 
An ending making transformation possible.

Phillodes imperialis
This is Australia's Pink Underwing Moth caterpillar. Also known as the skull caterpillar. It uses it's odd face to scare off predators. Unfortunately, this five inch caterpillar is in great danger from extinction.  I like to think of the death card as creature ready for the next stage.

Everything dies. People lose friends, couples get divorced, a beloved house is foreclosed, a job is lost, the loss of a book contract and the ending of a story we never wanted to leave. As an author, I hate ending my novel. I have fallen in love with my characters and their lives. No wonder I tend to write series and trilogy type novels. But all good stories come to an end. The first novel I wrote is still packed away, buried, and a reminder that I can mourn it's loss, or because I'm a seasoned writer, I can raise it from the dead and make it better.

The concept of death and mourning transforms us into better writers. Below is the adult Pink Underwing Moth. You must admit the transformation was worth it.

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