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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Tower Tarot Card and My Author Journey

The Tower 
An expected event that changes everything.

This card normally represents the destruction of something you created and nurtured and for a writer that can mean a number of things, such as: a book that is rejected and that will never see the light of day, the loss of a contract, enough book rejections to create your own paper tower (although these days most rejection letters are paperless) or your computer crashing.  Outside of writing something can destroy another aspect of an author's life that can cause the tower of 'writer's block', or even the means to write. Okay, big scary stuff.

I prefer to use this card to inspire me to create a character's dark moment or as in Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, the hero must pass tests and take action. Change happens and though it may be devastating, you (characters or you the author) will be transformed and made better for it.

“What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger”

-Friedrich Nietzche

Bye Bad Tower. Tonight, Let Us Enjoy the Full Moon.

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