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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tarot Card Strength and My Author Journey

Tarot Card Strength 
Control and Healing that Brings Strength

Normally the strength card depicts a woman and a lion, but because I'm a wolfish paranormal writer I found one with a woman and wolf. 

The beast represents our shadow self. Anger, fear, and jealousy are aspects of our shadow self. These strong emotions can be destructive, especially in the tormented writer. Anger over rejections, fear that we will never be successful, jealousy, and money woes, can be examples of what some writers experience. The 'what ifs'. These emotions can be destructive but once we identify them we can heal them. Turn the beast for good. Tap into your inner strength and turn  those powerful emotions to motivate in a positive way. Don't lament, just be a better writer.  Better yet, use those strong hidden emotions to apply to your characters.

No surprise that I like writing about paranormal creatures with strong emotions. I can't terrorize the village as a werewolf but my characters sure can. Or in the end the werewolf becomes the hero/heroine and saves the village.

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