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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tarot Card The Magician and my Author's Journey

The Magician is the creator of Magic

As a writer I create worlds, scenes, and characters. The source I tap into is nothing less than magic. There are two types of writers plotters(organize entire story line before daring to start) and pantsers (seat of your pants). I'm afraid I'm 90% panster. I have a movie version of my story in my head and then I sit and let the story create itself. I  time-slip into a different plane and the story unfolds. I do outline first and then return to it to update it when my characters have decided to go in another direction. 

To encourage my creative magic I hone in on my 6 senses. I listen to music that serves as background for my story, maybe light an aromatic candle, sip on warm coffee, tap my fingers on my treasured laptop, and find pictures of actors that might portray my characters. And lastly I use my 6th sense to tap into the alternate universe where my story is reality.

Next to my work station I hang my favorite painting by John William Waterhouse, titled The Magic Circle. If I were a woman in a painting, the witch would be me.

Naturally my work station is less cubicle and more sacred space. I used the picture below of my imagined workspace and eventually I'll take a photo of my equally magical work area and put it up.

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