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Friday, November 16, 2012

Tarot Card The Lovers and my Author Journey

The Lovers Tarot Card
Making a decision that makes your heart glad.

 I followed my heart and chose my passion to work full time as a writer. Actually I always allowed my heart to make decisions. I majored in Zoology and Biology because I loved the study of animals and life. As a result it has helped me develop my shifter characters and worlds. I loved teaching science and in the process learned to understand all the different characters I once taught and this helped develop real characters for my novels. I love travel and my travels opened my eyes to different cultures and world building. I love my hubby and family so I understand the joy of being around people you love unconditionally.

I love writing fantasy, paranormal, historical and science fiction novels, but with a strong element of ROMANCE. The story will still work without the romance but as in life, my main characters find love and in my stories get to live happily ever after. I love, love, romance and all the emotion and hot, sweet or implied sex that goes with the relationship. Looking at these pre-raphaelite art images just makes me want to exhale a long heartfelt sigh.

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