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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tarot Card Justice and my Author Journey

Tarot Card Justice
The consequences of your actions are at your hand.

As a writer the Justice card reminds you that of all your actions have created your current situation. If you delivered a poorly written query letter, you will not be judged favorably  (agent or publisher may not want to see you manuscript). However, if you produced a brilliant query, you will may get a request. Writers are judged in how well a story is told as well as how well  it's edited, how the characters are developed and on and on. 

The old adage: Never judge a book by it's cover, is not reality.  The book cover and the back cover blurb are judged prior to purchase. Authors  must first write a good story and then depend on their editor for great editing and the cover artist to draw the reader. Then even after your publisher and beta readers love your polished novel, reviewers get to it and again the author is judged for better or for worse.

Trust me, going before Judge Judy is much easier.

In terms of our story, we authors represent justice. I write paranormal/ romance with roller coaster suspense and in the end, the antagonists (bad guys or gals) get karmic justice and the hero and heroine live happily ever after. Or maybe...

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