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Monday, November 19, 2012

Tarot Card The Hermit and my Author Journey

The Hermit
Retreat from distractions and determine your own truth.

First off, before I go on my Tarot rant, thank you for coming in for a visit. I also love comments and your thoughts about what the card means to you.

The Hermit, is someone all authors can relate to. The Hermit author leaves the din of society(yes this includes social media, if that's still possible) and retreats into her/his cave in complete solitude. This is very important for an author, for only then, can you hear your own true voice. Authors listen to the advise and opinions of others, however, quite often it is good to first listen to your own. You ultimately decide what is true and right. 

When I turn off the noise of the world, my story unfolds. This process is especially important when you are working on the fist draft or even second or third draft of your story. The Hermit, alone, writing her story is my favorite part of the writing process. 

Love you all, but please find your own shell. LOL. Like the hermit crab learn when to retreat and when to emerge.

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