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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tarot Card The Emperor and my Author Journey

The Emperor Creates Order and Stability

The Favorites of Emperor Honorius by John William Waterhouse

Like an emperor a writer must create a system to maintain security and order. The writer may have an emperor authority figure such as an editor but for the most part the writer needs to be his/her own emperor.
You will need to stay organized and follow self-made strict rules such as a daily word count, an hour of marketing or other writing matters. You must also include 'play' time for your own sanity. 

In the crazy world of publishing I remain focused by adhering to a 2000 word/day rule for a new ms, one hour/chapter of editing a completed ms, and the rest of the day for other writer stuff such as query letters, synopsis writing, workshops, research and marketing. 

My tools include my laptop, tidy desk, a dry erase board calender for the week, a dry erase board for brainstorming and editing issues, and a box with ways to show and not tell. I'm a panster so even though I outline first I end up letting the characters and their stories take over. That's okay, an emperor must delegate. 

The strict regimen will pay off when you get knighted, oops I mean get 'the call'.

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