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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tarot Card The Devil and My Author Journey

The Devil
A choice or situation that is contrary to your best interest or greater good.

Dr. Frankenstein made obvious bad choices. Creating monsters unless you are writing a horror or paranormal fantasy novel is generally a bad idea.

The Devil card represents an obsession, one that goes against your greater good. But don't worry, you can dismantle it since you created it.

Writers if not careful can be so obsessed with getting published that they make bad decisions such as rushing a poorly edited manuscript to an editor or signing up with a publisher or agent that Predators and Editors warned you about. Indie writers who hire editors should check their credentials. Eager authors can get into a situation that can slow or even kill their career.

So when the card comes up. Be warned. Time to check the publisher or agent in question on Predators and Editors or ask for advice from other writers or online writing sites.

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