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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tarot Card The Chariot and my Author Journey

The Chariot means triumph of will in difficult circumstances or great adversity.

Nothing says difficult times more than Ben Hur racing against the conniving Roman, Masala. Once Ben Hur chooses his direction his skill and knowledge will get him to his goal, surviving to win.  In my just sold novel, Lycan Gladiator (coming from Corvallis Press), I naturally added the tragic outcome of a chariot race. Not pretty.

Okay, back to me as a writer:  Below is a chained writer listening to the cawing of her raven muses. "Caw! Write this, write that, go market! Caw, send one more query! Caw!!!"

In my author journey my will must battles the difficulty in getting an agent or a good publishing contract. I'm in this business for the long run so I'm charging with my 'query' drawn chariot to my goal of being a successful author. As a writer there are daily difficult challenges such as: editing until the polished version blinds your eyes with perfect luminosity, listening to editors, critique partners and betas on what to tweak (wah, I thought it was perfect, okay, let me tweak, ahhh much better), writing the difficult pitch and synopsis (trust me, writing a 100,000 word manuscript is much easier), and finally but not least the insurmountable task of marketing. Despite the difficulties an author encounters the birth of a published book is worth every ounce of  blood, sweat and tears.

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