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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tarot and My Personal Writer's Journey

Greetings and Salutations,

While new and seasoned writers are working on their 50,000 word count manuscript for National Novel Month, I'm waiting for my next galley for Apocalyptic Moon and sending my big fat Victorian novel, The Gamekeeper's Daughter to brilliant beta readers.


I've decided to review my personal writer's journey by studying each of the 22 Tarot Arcana cards. Though I have several decks I just recently bought and love Barbara Moore's Steampunk Tarot deck and book. Sadie Winstone my Victorian/steampunk nom de plume really connected with this deck. I also love how she lays the cards face up and ignores reversals. If you like steampunk, Tarot and a great instructor I highly recommend Barbara Moore.

I will not display the cards from the steampunk deck with all the cool symbolism and fantastic steampunk art but add my own images(from the media and such) that kind of relate to the archetype. I will interpret each as it relates to my writing journey. I would love to hear from other writers or readers on how they relate to the particular archetype. A card a day. So off we go.

The Fool

The Fool represents the first moment or new beginnings. You are a clean slate and in my case as a new writer in a universe long ago I knew nothing. I remember my first inkling that I wanted to be a writer. I was teaching high school biology and told my students I couldn't stay long after school because my husband was a werewolf and tonight was the full moon. Confusion lit their adolescent faces and they encouraged my fantastical excuse for leaving early. From then on the fiction continued on and my author journey began.

Why the fool? As a new author I foolishly made every mistake in the world. Too many to mention. You now how the seasoned writers tell newbie writers never to 'bla bla'. Well I did all the 'bla bla's. Remember your first novel? Fortunately, the fool found critique groups and later my beloved critique partner of many moons. The fool joined writer's organizations and learned her craft and how not to be fooled by predators from the publishing world.

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