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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Latest News

Of late I have neglected my blog but only because I was busy writing.

Especially when Eva Gordon, my paranormal/fantasy writer combats with Sadie Winstone, my Victorian steampunk persona.

Eva likes Peet's coffee

Sadie likes Earl Grey

No, I'm not a Gemini.

One thing Eva and Sadie can agree on is our love of zoology and natural history. We hope to cover more topics in biology that will help other writers or spark an interest in science with other readers.

Alfred Wallace Collection

Paranormal/Animal Lore/Disease inspired, of course.

Now more good news. Corvallis Press will be publishing Lycan Gladiator, Book 1 in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles. Hot lycan gladiators make me howl. I hope to have a cover soon.

 And from The Wild Rose Press: Apocalyptic Moon.  The next step will be the galley stage and hope to have a book cover soon.

Trust me in a world ravished by zombies you want the werewolves on your side.

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