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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet a few of the raptors from the Black Prairie Raptor Center

Last weekend we had photography day at the Black Prairie Raptor Center where I volunteer. I took these with my new ipad (birthday present). Here are a few of our education birds.

Willie the Barn Owl

Otis the Screech Owl

This is Stoop, our Peregrine Falcon 
Peregrine Falcon

Pippin the Red-shouldered Hawk

Stay tuned for more information the Ancient Falconry Class for Writers Class I plan to teach in June.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Super Moon Real Werewolf Guest

In honor of the super moon, a real werewolf will come in to answer your questions about what the werewolf's life has been like since the scientist was bitten by a giant wolf while visiting the Chernobyl Forest known as the Exclusion Zone.

The werewolf's  identity is kept secret so there will be no photographs and the name has been changed. Wolf. Not too creative.

Come in and fill out the comment box with a question. Don't worry the full moon does not cause the change.

I will start the questions;

How did this happen?

Wolf: Three years ago I went to Chernobyl on a mission to study and collect mutant animals and plants. We took blood sample of the local wolves.

At night a giant beast attacked and killed our entire team of six scientists. Only I survived. The creature bit my arm and I fainted from the pain. This was all kept secret.

So what did it look like?

Wolf: It stood and walked like a man but it had fur and the head of a wolf. Like a Hollywood werewolf.

Do you shift on the full moon?

Wolf: No. At first I shifted when I became angry or sad but now I can control it. Because the change is tied to emotion I have isolated myself and live alone in the woods, far from people. I only communicate via the net.

Are you on facebook or twitter or any other social media sites?

Wolf: No.

Are there others like yourself?

Wolf: Except for the one that bit me I honestly don't know.

May I ask your age and gender?

Wolf: Yes. I'm a 35 year old woman. Single. No kids. And since I was bitten I have not aged. The one that bit me was male.

 Does your family know?

 Wolf: No. They think I'm dead. It's better that way. I'm no longer that girl. I'm stronger and my senses are powerful like those of a wolf.

 Do you think the creature that bit was some sort of mutated wolf?

Wolf: I doubt it, it was more man-like than wolf. Perhaps it was even a genetic monster created by the Soviets long ago.

Thank you for being open to questions.

Wolf: Thank you, this helps stave my loneliness.

All blog visitors feel free to ask Wolf anything you want. She will be available for questions all of May.