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Friday, January 27, 2012

Three wolfish movies. Wolf Shifters, Lycans and Animated Wolves Oh, Howl

"Breaking Dawn", "Underworld 3D" and "The Grey" have one thing in common in terms of wolfish behavior, they are all fictional. In the first two movies, the wolves were based on the author's universe. "The Grey"  also seemed to have created new wolves. Now for some quickie reviews before I lament about a movie that is the polar opposite of "Never Cry Wolf".

"Breaking Dawn" had the wolf shifters not happy with Bella's baby. Death to the half-human vampire. Not a fan of the series but 3 Howls.

"Underworld, The Awakening" had a similar premise: Get rid of the hybrids. Loved lycan claws in 3-D. Fun and Selene is always kick ass. 5 Howls.

"The Grey" starring Liam Neeson was a Hollywoodish man against nature theme, but not as good as "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins in terms of being realistic. More of a yelp than a howl, though I love Liam Neeson, who as always does a great job. I would give him 4 Howls for acting but the movie gets 1 Yelp.
Wolves are not natural man eat-eaters.  In Becky Kramer's The Spokeman's Review article,  Wildlife wolf biologist Gary Wiles dreads the portrayal of wolves as do I.

"Wiles describes wolf behavior in the film as “pretty far-fetched.”
Despite the presence of 60,000 wolves in North America, only two human deaths from wolves have been documented in the past 60 years.
One person was killed in Saskatchewan in 2007; the other death occurred in Alaska in 2010. The Saskatchewan death involved wolves that had become habituated to people."

In fact most wolf attacks can be blamed on rabies. I fear  that with the re-introduction of the wolf, people will think that packs will come running out of the woods to attack them.  These wolves acted more like werewolves and if that was so, I would have liked it better.

Grizzly bears, lions, tigers, and polar bears have been known to stalk humans for food. Go rent:
The lions in "Ghost and the Darkness" were man eaters and are displayed in the Field Museum in Chicago.
 Loved "The Edge".

 Don't forget what happened to The Grizzly Man. Not saying wolves are not dangerous but rather that the movie did not exhibit real wolf behavior. Even our best friend can turn on us. In 2010, 34 deaths were due to dog attacks( But really? Why would the wolves go out of their way to kill (not eat) the plane crash survivors? Add rabies to the mix and maybe the story would have been credible.

Which reminds me, I better go walk my dog before he gets an attitude.