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Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Back

Dear followers of my Bestiary Parlor musings,

I have been ever busy writing a steampunk novel, a new shifter series and bugging my agent about the books she is trying to sale. We hope to sell my fantasy and wolf maiden chronicles series. Yes, I have my rights back for the first three books in my wolf maiden chronicles series. I have spare copies if you wish to purchase them, just drop me a line. I will keep you posted when they are sold. Naturally they will be revised and updated.

Now back to the Bestiary. I live in a deep forest called the Bestiary where animals both real and mythical can be found. It can only be reached from a portal located in a secret cave. I can travel to other realms but make my home in the Bestiary. I have a part time job as a naturalist at a local museum and wildlife sanctuary so I will spend more time in your realm

I will continue to interview creatures and have arranged with the mysterious Dr. Mansfield to interview a zombie he keeps in Lab Zero. I love zombies and have been a George Romero fan for years.Love the Walking Dead.  I enjoyed Max Brook's Zombie Survival books and World War Z. I just bought Roger Ma's The Zombie Combat Manual and I'm ready. Bring it on Zombies!

I will let you know when the interview is up. I will make it to the secret lab in a few weeks.

Got to go. The portal is opening.