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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Howling to you all! Especially writers. Come sign up for my Wolf Lore Class. Starts July 11, 2011

  Deadline for Registration is July 10

**CLASS BEGINS July 11** Call of the Wild: Wolf Lore, Truths and Myths Every Writer Should Know. Presenter: Eva Gordon. Yosemite Romance Writers.

Call of the Wild : Wolf Lore, truths and myths every writer should know about wolves
Instructor:  Eva Gordon

Dates: July 11-25, 2011

Meetings/Untitled.jpgA three week seminar for writers who are interested in writing about wolves and werewolves in their stories but who want more background on the basic biology and behavior of real wolves.  Writers will learn why the wolf evolved from admired archetype to savage, evil nemesis of man. The instructor will include original interviews of a few famous werewolves and the workshop will end with the students creating their own myths based on their created shifter characters.

Eva Gordon, author of paranormal lycan romance and fantasy, has a BA Zoology, MA Biology and a California Secondary Teaching Credential in the Life Sciences. Eva volunteers as a wildlife educator and has volunteered at the Howling Acres Wolf Sanctuary in Southern Oregon. She loves delving into wolf and werewolf lore.

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