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Monday, May 23, 2011

Jean Auel’s Children of the Earth Series

Jean Auel’s Children of the Earth Series

I have been a fan of Jean Auel since Clan of the Cave Bear first came out and since then I have identified with Ayla. She is an independent woman, an animal whisperer, inventor, and a healer. 

Jondalar, her mate is a hunky hot Cro Magnon. Romance and science. Being a science nerd who writes romance I loved their hot prehistoric love story. 

The animal loving zoologist in me just goes gaga with all the Ice Age animals such as horses, mammoths and of course the wolf. My dog is Wolf and I’m Ayla when we go on our run. 

I loved her imagery of the epic ice age landscape, respect her research and because of her inspiration and my visit to prehistoric caves in Northern Spain I took up painting cave art as a hobby. 

She did her homework.

The great outdoors and shamanism are interests I have in common with Ayla. Imagine all that space and then at night seeing the stars and dancing to drums around a bonfire.

I just finished the last in the series and despite the criticism (Amazon readers gave it bad reviews) about her plotting being repetitive and the Mother’s Song repeated way too many times I still enjoyed it. 

I did not mind it when they greeted new friends with long introductions, naming their clan affiliations. It was not the type of plot driven story I’m used to but instead it was written in a journal style that made me feel I was back in the Ice Age.  It appealed to the naturalist in me.
Here are the books in order:
1.      The Clan of the Cave Bear, 1980
2.      The Valley of Horses, 1982
3.      The Mammoth Hunters, 1985
4.      The Plains of Passage, 1990
5.      The Shelters of Stone, 2002
6.      The Land of Painted Caves, 2011
I’m also posting a youtube Jean Auel Interview at the Smithsonian Museum. I'm a sucker for Anthropology.

Love to see your comments about the series or the science behind the series.

"I have to say, it was quite a journey"

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