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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running in the Woods

I have been quiet of late. Like the wolf I crave my moments in the deep forest. So off I went to the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Forest to roam in the woods.

My den or cabin stay in the Sierra. Every wolf needs a warm den for the night.

Like the wolf I enjoyed being on top of my mountain. Here I am on break from a hike to Mist Falls in Kings Canyon NP.

Like the wolf I love the aromatic scents and sounds of the forest.

Like the wolf I'm awed by the trees. Here I am hugging a Sequoia tree.

A break from technology gets you in touch with the spirit of nature and its grandeur.

The magic is everywhere.

Turn off the cell phone, computers, television, social networking and i-every things. Step outside and howl at the moon.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful retreat! I cannot get over the size of that tree -- how lucky you got to hold it! Hopefully someday I might see such an awesome giant in person!

Eva Gordon said...

Yes, it was a huge tree but one of the smaller ones in the grove. Very humbling.

Cherry said...

Wow! Looks like you had some quality time :)

Eva Gordon said...

Loved it and now am planning more outings.

Savanna Kougar said...

That was some monster of a Sequoia you got hug, and you say it was one of the smaller ones... oh, wow, I have tree envy...

That's one nice thing about where I live. No, it isn't that isolated and I do have the computer... but, it's so beautifully quiet and I'm surrounded by nature, mostly... just the long trek down to my mailbox is lovely and I can't see the neighbor's houses at all.

Eva Gordon said...

LOL. Tree envy is common.
True. Nature is everywhere.

History and Women said...

What a beautiful place to escape to. You're lucky to have such inspiring surroundings. Thanks for following my blog and for pointing me to yours, which I'm now following too.

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you History and Women. Wow.