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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Running in the Woods

I have been quiet of late. Like the wolf I crave my moments in the deep forest. So off I went to the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Forest to roam in the woods.

My den or cabin stay in the Sierra. Every wolf needs a warm den for the night.

Like the wolf I enjoyed being on top of my mountain. Here I am on break from a hike to Mist Falls in Kings Canyon NP.

Like the wolf I love the aromatic scents and sounds of the forest.

Like the wolf I'm awed by the trees. Here I am hugging a Sequoia tree.

A break from technology gets you in touch with the spirit of nature and its grandeur.

The magic is everywhere.

Turn off the cell phone, computers, television, social networking and i-every things. Step outside and howl at the moon.