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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New review by Raven Kelly about Werewolf Sanctuary

Eva Gordon 's " Book 1: Werewolf Sanctuary "

Werewolf Sanctuary is an amazing book that never once lagged. I was captivated right from the beginning where I learned of Wyatt's quest to find a vet who could cure his wolf cubs from a rare virus. I had trouble putting down this book, it had me always wanting to read more. If you have never read a werewolf book, this is great book to start with. You will be hooked from the first chapter. This was my first werewolf book, and I just loved it!
Raven Kelly -Webmistress and Book Reviewer of

4.5 Fangs out of 5!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Full Moon Interview with Raven that Created Wolf from Pacific Northwest Athabascan Myth

Interview with Raven that Created the Wolf

Welcome back to the Werewolf Café for my Full Moon interviews with werewolves, wolves and like and magical creatures. Today our guest is Raven. Not just any raven but Raven from the Pacific Northwest Athabascan legend.

For those of you who are not aware of the ubiquitous black bird of not only Native American but European lore let me say a few words. The raven is the largest member of the corvid family, which includes crows, jays, magpies, jackdaws, treepies and rooks. The scientific name is Corvus corax. The can be differentiated from the common crow by being larger, have a deep purple-blue cast to its black feathers, the beak is thicker and its tail is wedge shaped.

Ravens are extremely intelligent and communicate with sophisticated vocalizations. They are often referred to as wolfbirds and are often in the company of the wolf pack. They scavenge huge amounts of wolf kill and some studies believe they lead the wolf to the prey. To me the raven is my spirit guide. When I do drumming I journey as a raven. It was my raven that led me to the wolf.

The Native Americans revered ravens, considering them to possess magic and big medicine. Let me first share a peaceful video I found on youtube titled Raven Magick.Journey with the raven and then join me with my interview with Raven.

Interview with Raven creator of the Wolf (Pacific Northwest Atabascan Myth)

Eva: I open the window and a big black raven swooshed in and sat on the table. “Welcome Raven.”
Raven: “Caw! Thank you for inviting me to discuss my greatest creation.” It fluffed its blue black feathers and drank from the wine cup I offered.
Eva: “You are creator of all. Before we talk about the wolf, what other things have you created?”
Raven: “I made the mountains and sea. I then painted them with great colors and then left the snow white. I created the deer, caribou, bears, birds, and all the trees. I made plants for food and medicine and taught all my creatures to communicate with them. Humans loved the life I created, but something was missing. I decided to make a creature to be a teacher for human beings.”
Eva: “What qualities did this creature have?”
Raven: “The creature had to have intelligence, courage, strength, humor and compassion.”
Eva: “Sounds like the wolf. Did this first creature look like a modern day wolf?”
Raven: Creator raven bobbed up and down, perhaps in mirth before continuing. “I gave wolf a long snout, sharp teeth, strong swift legs, and sharp pointed ears. The wolf was white like fresh snow. I added feathers to its front legs so that it would accompany me in flight.”

Eva: “Really, the first wolf could fly?”
Raven: “Caaww. The feathers did not support him. Poor Wolf flapped his front legs hard but instead of flying, it plunged to the ground.”
Eva: “Did he die?”
Raven: “No, but , Wolf fell so hard his fur turned from white to grey with the tips black from the burning. Though I would miss flying with my creation, I decided it was best for Wolf to stay on the ground and walk on four feet. I created a family of wolves to accompany my wolf creation. They would come in all colors and with eye colors from amber, brown and shades of grey.”
Eva: “Did you visit them?”
Raven: “I flew down and taught them how to hunt. I taught them to pray for good hunting and how to call in game. I instructed them to watch for ravens and crows, for my kind would guide them to food.

Eva: “That explains why ravens and wolves are seen together.”
Raven: “The ravens taught them how to play and tease and how to protect their food from others.”
Eva: “Did they know they were a model for humans on how to behave?”
Raven: Yes, I taught them especially how to be respectful and all the traits humans must learn from them I mentioned earlier; courage, humor and compassion. I spend a long time on how they are to be the teachers of all creatures.”

Eva: “You did a wonderful job. Many of us love the wolf as our teacher animal. They are admired for their loyalty to their pack and their keen intelligence. Though in our past we viewed the wolf as an evil creature today we see them as a reminder of our connection with Mother Earth. They are the ancestor to our dogs, our most loyal of pets. We no longer live near wolves so it’s nice to have a dog.”
Raven: “The dog has enough wolf in it to be the best of teachers.”
Eva: I listened as joyful howls drifted into the café from the nearby mountain. Tonight’s full moon was almost as bright as the sun itself.
Raven: “The wolves are thanking both the moon and sun for sharing light and beauty.”

Eva: Raven looked anxious to join his children. “Thank you for coming and sharing the story on you created the wolf.”
Raven: “Caaaww. The pleasure was mine.”

Eva: It spread its mighty ebony wings and flew out the window. I watched Raven fly until it landed on a huge branch.

It joined its wolf children by howling with them at the moon. I watched and listened until it flew away into the realm of spirit. I uttered a prayer of thanks for sharing my world with both raven and wolf.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

I want to share this great video I found on youtube by geornata about endangered species.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Howling from The Parafactor radio show

Greetings and good howls,

Letting you all know that I will be interviewed on
on April 20th 6-7pm Pacific Time (9-10pm Eastern time) about my Wolf Maiden Chronicles series and on werewolves.