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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Werewolf Wednesday News

Lot's of howling excitement in the woods. First today is ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday second White Wolf of Avalon : Viking Werewolf is Available on Amazon Kindle, third my interview with a real wolf will be going up for this Full Moon, my Book Club for Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf begins Feb.1 (I will post questions) and my seminar on Wolf Lore on Coffee time Romance begins Feb. 3----Feb 17. I invite you all to my events dedicated to Lupercalia and the Release of White Wolf of Avalon

When you sign up, put 'evagordon' in the referal box and the staff will get your registration done so you can post.

Here is my seminar outline:
February 2010 - Seminar Host is Eva Gordon
Call of the Wild : Wolf Lore, truths and myths every writer should know about wolves

3rd -17th

A month long seminar for writers who are interested in writing about wolves and werewolves in their stories but who want more background on the basic biology and behavior of real wolves. Writers will also learn why the wolf evolved from admired archetype to savage evil nemesis of man.


Part 1.

1. Introduction
2. Wolf Natural History

A. Basic Biology
B. Wolf Behavior

Part 2.

1. Wolf Lore in Europe and Central Asia
2. alpha werewolf.Wolf as totem
3. Wolf as enemy of man

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