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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview with Luna the Alaskan Wolf

This full moon we have a special guest, a real wolf named Luna. I have traveled to a private deep forest in Alaska where I'm sitting under the full moon. I am guided by two spirit animals the raven and the wolf. They have guided me to this journey through the power of drum, the heartbeat of the earth. I posted a beautiful video I found on youtube, but you can skip and read the interview. Post questions if you wish. I also posted another fun video from youtube at the end.

Eva: Welcome Luna. Where are you from?
Luna: The land of our marked territory and smells like my pack.

Eva Tell us about your pack?
Luna :There are 8 of us. We hunt and we take care of the cubs. We greet each other before and after a hunt and show respect to our leader.
Eva: So you are the alpha female, what does that mean?
Luna: My alpha mate and I have cubs and we are the leaders of the pack. Others treat us with great respect.

Eva: Describe your mate.
Luna: He smells good and I love sound of his howl. I will never leave his side.
Eva: Discuss the status of the other wolves in your pack.

Luna: When my mate and I approach, the others crouch with their ears flattened, and tails down to show we are the leaders. The lowest ranking ones stay and take care of the cubs while we hunt.
Eva: Compared to humans tell us about your body form.
Luna: We have fur, four legs, a tail, a long snout to better smell, long ears to better hear, and a large mouth and fangs to better eat prey.

Eva: But you never eat humans?
Luna: No my pack would never do that.
Eva: What do you normally eat?
Luna: We love flesh but we will even eat berries, earthworms and grasshoppers.
Eva: What do you think of humans?
Luna: I smell them more than I see them. They have a strange scent on their body, some not their own. We are taught not to go near your kind. We avoid the smell.
Eva: Do you tell stories of wolf humans, wolves that become human?
Luna: We have spirits that become humans.

Eva: Do you have natural enemies?
Luna: Sometimes bears or cougars who can eat our young, but mostly it’s man.

Eva: So you have almost been killed by aerial hunting?
Luna: Yes, we lost two members of our pack that way. From the air comes loud growls followed by deadly bites.
Eva: What does it feel like to be on the hunt?
Luna: Exhilarating but requires team work. Our greatest fear is hunger.
Eva: How do you teach your cubs?
Luna: We allow them to play to learn their strengths and when they are ready they watch us hunt. We make sure they are safe from all enemies and they are safe in their den.
Eva: What is the biggest thing you have killed?
Luna: Moose
Eva :What do you think of humans?
Luna: They smell like prey but are really predators and dangerous. Very cunning.
Eva: What do you think of coyotes or dogs or other predators?
Luna: They are not allowed on our territory.
Eva: What do you think of ravens since they always follow a pack?
Luna: They steal most of our food and sometimes they even guide us to the prey.

Eva: Do you remember your life of a cub?
Luna: Yes, I was a cub. I remember the smell of milk. I remember shoving the other cubs away from the teat.
Eva: How do you react to other packs?
Luna: We do not allow them in our territory.

Eva: Finally my human pack members want to know if you only howl during the full moon and why do wolves howl?
Luna: We howl day or night , it does not matter. We howl for many reasons, including gathering for the hunt and communicating with distant pack members and other packs. To express joy and grief.

Eva: May I express my joy in having interviewed you.
I howl and Luna joins in. The pack gathers around and they too join us in song. Here is a video with more wolf song.


Anonymous said...

Awesome interview as usual but this one is close to my heart.

Eva Gordon said...

Happy to share my love of wolves.

Catherine Bybee said...

Love the music! Very witty.

Nona Sebastian said...

Nice videos! I didn't know that ravens followed the pack and ate the carcass along with it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful interview! I love how you weave real-life wolfpack dynamics into the lycan lore. It was so great talking to you last week, Eva. I'm very much enjoying White Wolf of Avalon. Take care!

Eva Gordon said...

Yes ravens are amazing (my power animal) I hope to interview a raven in the near future.

Glad you are enjoying White Wolf of Avalon. I love your book Release, especially Rose the werewolf.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask Luna: do wolves mate for life? I know some animals, like swans, do, and if the mate dies than the female will not move on to another. I was curious if the same was for wolves.

I hope Luna enjoyed the Full "Wolf" Moon last night!

Eva Gordon said...

Yes wolves do mate for life. However, sometimes they will mate with others if their mate is no longer available.

The dedication the breeding pair is amazing.

Howling 4 Justice said...

Love, love, love this post and your website. HOWLS!!

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you. You just made me howl with joy.