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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Club Discussion Questions for Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf By Eva Gordon

Welcome to my Book Club Discussion about Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf. Come in anytime during the month and post a comment. You can answer or discuss any of the questions that catch your interest or all. Comment on others comments as well. No spoilers for those who have not read the novel. This is my first blog book club so I'm leaving it open ended. So grab a flagon of mead and sit by the campfire.

1. What do you imagine the world was like during the Dark Ages?

2. How would your life be inconvenienced by living during the Viking Era of 840 AD?

3. In the lycan society, describe each: alpha male, alpha female, beta pack member, and human wolf maiden or ulf hexen.

4. What is the role of the Lupercal?

5. Do you think the disease rabies helped develop the idea of savage wolves or even werewolves?

6. Differentiate between the Norse werewolves or wolfskins with bearskins.

7. How do the Norse werewolves fit in with Norse mythology?

8. What do you know about Viking berserkers? Does this fit in with the concepts in the novel’s fantasy about wolfskins and bearskins?

9. Who are the mentors in this novel? Explain.

10. What are some cultural differences between the Southern Lycans and the Northern Wolfskins?

11. Do the hero and heroine have an inner code of ethics?

12. Do you think Emelisse and Sigurd are true life mates despite their differences?

13. Do you think that within the ‘werewolf’ culture women are treated better than in human culture? Think Dark Ages.

14. After reading Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf would you describe as paranormal romance, a historical and or a fantasy novel? What do you think of cross genre novels?

15. What music would be good background music for this book? Here is a video of the awesome group Dragon Ritual Drummers. I would love to hire them to work on my sound track. Perfect atmospheric music for Beast Warrior.

16. If it was a movie who should play Sigurd and Emelisse. Or other characters?


Anonymous said...

How would my life have been inconvenienced if I'd lived in the Dark Ages:

no antibiotics, so chances are I would have died of pneumonia when I was 13. And no internet! However did they manage -- no wonder it was "dark" ;-)

What made you pick this time period as the setting for this installment of the Wolf Maiden chronicles?

Eva Gordon said...

Not to mention all the raids. Childbirth had to be tough if things did not go normal.

Anonymous said...

Eva, I do have a question -- what made you choose this time period in which to set this portion of the Wolf Maiden Chronicles? I do think that Vikings and werewolves go together very well, but I was curious as to what your thoughts were on that subject.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Eva Gordon said...

I love Norse Mythology and the Dark Ages seems like such a fantastic period to involve werewolves. No guns, or other weapons of mass destruction. Swords, horses, castles, fangs and claws just fit so well.

Publishers don't feel there is a market for historical werewolf and vampire stories but I love them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva,

Here are my answers to the discussion questions.

1 I believe life during the Middle Ages was much simpler: no electricity, no radio, no tv, no internet, etc.

2. I believe my life would be inconvenienced because there was no electricity, no radio, no tv, no internet, etc. We are a nation that suffers from exteme nationalism and everybody believes in me, me,me, and I want it now, now, now.

By Liza/reader

Anonymous said...

3. Alpha male - The dominant male leader of a pack who can control when he shifts into lycan form. To insure that the lycan society flourishes, the alpha male must mate with a wolf maiden (ulf hexen) his life mare, to produce alpha males, alpha females. or wolf maidens.

Alpha female - A female lycan who also can control their shift. She is barren, but acts as protector and surrogate parent to the pack children. The Lupercal (secret Lycan governing body) are ruled by 12 Alpha Females.

Beta pack member - Male/female lycanns loyal to one alpha male who is their leader. They shift with the full moon once a month. Must be controlled by the alpha male because they can become mindless and kill indescriminately.

Wolf maiden - A female human who can be born to a pack or can be found randomly around the world. She has the "mark of the beast", a 5-toed pawprint birthmark which is brown and becomes bright red when it is imprinted by her alpha life mate. In Norse culture, she is known as a ulf hexen. When mating with an alpha male, they can have children which are alpha males, alpha females, or wolf maidens. If a wolf maiden mates with a human male, they can have a human male who can havc a wolf maiden.

4. The Lupercal is made up of 12 Alpha females that help govern the lycan society.

By Liza/reader

Anonymous said...

5. I do believe that rabies fostered the concept of a rabid wolf or werewolf because it affects all canines even beloved pets which were normally very loving and loyal creatures.

6. Norse werewolves (wolfskins) were savage fighters who were ,smarter than bearskins. When they died, they shifted back to the human form. Bearskins were also savage fighters, but they were considered more dull-witted than wolfskins. They had to hibernatee during their winter break. When they died, they died as a bear not as a man.

7. Norse werewolves fit in with Norse mythology because both are considered to be savage raiders of the sea.

8. Viking berserkers did fit in with the fantasy of wolfskins and bearskins because they were considered to be mystical creatures sndtronger than average human men.
By Liza/reader

Anonymous said...

9. The mentors for Emelisse are:

Elizabether (Emelisse's adoptive wolf mother) taught her the skills of a warrior.

Lupa (Emelisse's Lupercal adviser) helped her grow from a child to a woman, sheltered and nurtured her, helped her with finding the cure to the lycan disease (rabies).

Feronia (lycan goddess) spoke to Emelsse in her dreams giving her advise on how to deal with Sigurd and how to find the cure for the lycan disease.

The mentors for Sigurd are:

Brynhild (Sigurd's older sister) was like his mother more than his older sister. She always looked out for him and the benefit of their pack. She even looked out for him as a ghost -a mystical brown wolf who warned him of impending danger. I can relate to her because I too helped raise my younger brother.

Ludin (Sigurd's Viking captain and friend) knew and kept the secret of Sigurd's lycan nature. He admired Sigurd for wanting to avenge his family's deaths.
Hungerd (Norse witch) who advised Sigurd that he will find Emelisse and that he would become a great alpha male that would reunite all the lycans togethether. She also advised Sigurd and Emelisse how they could safely get home with the help of her magic.
By Liza/reader

Anonymous said...

10. Southern lycans were very organized and raided in the name of the king for gold. Northernn wolfskins were loosely banded. Alpha males as Northern wolfskins were more likely to become lone wolves without a pack to his name. They tended to raid for glory and reputation.

11. Sigurd wants to avenge his dead father against the bearskins. Emelisse wants to make herself strong like a normal woman and not a weak-hearted runt.

12. I think they are true life mates despite the fact that they took other mates/lovers previously. All that counts is their love for one another.y

13. Within lycan culture, women are highly important to the society. In human culture, women have an important role in raising the family.

14. I think of this novel as a historical paranormal romance. I love novels that have cross genre novels.

15. I am not too versed in backgryound music. I would definitely us the appropriate music to depict the battle scenes.e

16. Sigurd should be played by the red-headed Kenneth Braunaugh. Emelisse should be played by Emma Thompson. They should make her appear to be a petite brunette. Chanteloupe should be played by Sean Connery. Elizabeth should be played by Judy Dentch.

By Liza/reader

Destiny Blaine said...

I agree with Liza. Chanteloupe should be played by Sean Connery.;)

Destiny Blaine

Eva Gordon said...

Yes, Sean Connery would be an excellent Chanteloup.