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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday


Today I want to recommend Avatar. It is an amazing film, visually and with a story that resonated with me because of my connection to our mother Earth, Gaia. It is a classic story of the clash between cultures and civilizations. Greed verses biodiversity. I really loved the Pandora universe James Cameron created and being a biologist I especially liked the fauna. For all my wolf lovers, the fauna included the Viperwolf or in Na'vi the Nantang. The viperwolves looked like wolves with mange and very lycanthrope like. I was happy to see a keystone predator similar to the wolf on Pandora.

So werewolf and wolf fans tell me what you think? If you have not seen the movie yet, do see it in 3D. Or come in to ask for advice.


jamilajamison said...

I thought the viperwolf was amazing, especially the brief clip that was shown of the animal with its young. Sleek, swift, and deadly, I thought that the choice of a familiar-but-strange-looking wolf-like creature was a good one. And yes, I second your recommendation to see Avatar in 3D, especially IMAX 3D. Definitely a phenomenal experience.

Eva Gordon said...

It's nice to know whatever world you live in there is always a 'wolfish' animal.

Hege said...

My 10 yo son (who love this kind of films) and I are SO looking forward to see it!!!

I finished reading Beast Warrior Viking Werewolf today, and I love the book! Can't wait to start on the other two ;)

Eva Gordon said...

Thank you Hege, I would love it if you wrote a brief review for amazon.

Big Werewolf Hug