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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday

Holidays getting you down? Are you a werewolf without a job? No health plan when that silver bullet wounds you? Dating a vampire?

Feel free to ask me for advice.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc Werewolf - Glad I found you just in time. I am a mundie woman looking for a man of mystery. Got any good ideas about where to meet someone of pointy fanged persuasion? Although I love reading about the furry friends, I prefer the cold and sparkly type. Sincerely, Blood-doesn't-bother-me-a-bit

Eva Gordon said...

So you are team Edward, eh? Like them to sparkle a bit, I see. Glad blood does not bother you. One good thing about vamps, they are not as messy as their furry friends. My furniture gets a good mauling during the full moon.

You might want to move to a place like Forks Washington or Alaska. The sparkly types don't like sunny days. Also, be careful not to cut yourself around the sparkly types. The sight of blood makes them lose control. If you find the right one, he may want you to become one, in which case you will soon learn to love blood. I personally can not give up regular food.

So happy you like reading about the furry friends since I love writing about them.

Nona Sebastian said...

I love this week's post! Cute.