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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ask Doc Wednesday

Problems with werewolf boy or girl friend or spouse? Ask away.


Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmmm... werewolf issues. Let me see here, other than the wolfies are howling at me to write their stories, once I'm finished with my current mss... and, I'm sure, I'll have questions then.
Let me ask you one. When did you decide to help us all out?

Eva Gordon said...

Since you are part of my pack. We run together, hunt together and howl together.

The Lupercal gave me permission.

lobo said...

Hi eva, thnks for open this site to help us. my problem goes this way. i'm a chubby guy, 28 years old, professional, and i have a great boyfriend. i've been a werewolf for 6 months.. still trying to control it. my BF doesn't know what am i, and sometimes while we're having sex i get to aroused that i start to change a little.. fangs, claws. besides i have to dissapear every month for 2 nights. what should i do? i don't wanna loose him.. but i don't wanna scare him showing him what i am. please help.

Eva Gordon said...

Hi lobo,
I think you should get him used to the idea by dropping small hints like what would you think knew a werewolf. Tell him that werewolves are not monsters. Talk to him about how cool the wolf totem is in many cultures. This is how wolf maidens are slowly introduced to the idea that they are mates to an alpha lycan.
Take him to see New Moon and ask him what he thinks of Jacob. This would open up an interesting discussion.