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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Full Moon New Year: Year of the Wolf

Next interview will be with a real wolf. Next full moon, since I will be out of town on this full moon. Also, coming at end of January will be the discussion questions for my novel, Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf. Until Next Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Read Book Club for Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf

I'm inviting all to join me the author of Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf, my Viking era Wolf Maiden Chronicle paranormal/fantasy romance historical novel. I will post the reading questions at the end of January for our discussion around the time of Lupercalia in February and before the launch of my next novel, White Wolf of Avalon : Werewolf Knight. Below is the cover. The background is an ancient relic, viking sword and a real found silver viking wolf.

Link to buy from Amazon below or order at bookstore with my ISBN 978-1-935407-31-7

This youtube (metal so you may want to lower the volume) reminds of my main character Sigurd the Wolfskin

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday

Holidays getting you down? Are you a werewolf without a job? No health plan when that silver bullet wounds you? Dating a vampire?

Feel free to ask me for advice.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Chanukah!!!

As I light the candles, eat greasy latkes and spin the dreidels I want to pause and wish all my lupine and canine friends a warm Chanukah.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Interview with main characters from Beast Warrior:Viking Werewolf , Sigurd and Emelisse

Interview Introduction: Today I have the special pleasure of briefly interviewing my hero and heroine from my just released novel in the Wolf Maiden Chronicles, Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf, an epic paranormal romance, what I call a ‘werewolfhistorical’. As you know ‘were’ means man so I include the term werewolf or lycan. Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf takes place takes place in the Frankish Kingdom during the Viking Era of 840 AD. A time when only the strong survive. I have always been fascinated by Norse mythology, which is rich in wolf lore, so this book was a labor of love.
I will briefly be interviewing the main characters separately since they have not met. I will begin with Emelisse our heroine and then Sigurd our hero. If you wish to learn more please read the blurb below the interview or better yet check out the novel.

Day Interview with Emelisse

Eva: It is early and the day is bright and sunny. The door to the Werewolf Café opened and in walked a spry beautiful young woman with raven black hair and dark eyes. She is wearing a fine silk tunic and red cloak, reminding me of Red Riding Hood. “Emelisse, welcome to the Werewolf Café.”

Emelisse: “Pleasure is mine.” She nods and sits with the air of confidence of a princess of the realm.

Eva: “Tell me of your family and home.” The server brought us warmed cider and oatcakes.

Emelisse: “I am the only daughter of Duke Chanteloup the Gray. He is the lycan pack alpha of most of the Gascony region and the Pyrenees Mountains. Our castle is on top of a grand mountain. His territory houses the Lupercal so he is deemed most important.”

Eva: “Wow, I heard the Lupercal is led by twelve alpha females who rule all of your secret lycan society.”

Emelisse: “Yes, though the different alpha pack leaders may disagree with their laws they obey the Lupercal nonetheless.”

Eva: “You are a wolf maiden, tell us what that means?”

Emelisse: “A wolf maiden is a human woman born with the mark of the 5- toed lycan paw print. She is bound to be the mate of an alpha lycan. The mark heats up and turns red once her chosen one is found. Only a wolf maiden can give the alpha children since the female alpha lycans are sterile. Our beta males and females can mate with one another.” Her eyes turned sad. “I have no choice but to marry an alpha. T’is Feronia’s and my father’s will.”

Eva: “Feronia is your wolf goddess?”

Emelisse: Her eyes brightened. “Yes, I’m her oracle. She often selects wolf maidens such as me to commune with. Feronia guides life mates to find one another.” She sipped her warm cider and sighed. “Still I wish to leave the pack and live with humans. “

Eva: “So you do not wish to marry a lycan. Why?”

Emelisse: “I have been the only human in my pack and I’m tired of being treated like I will break at any minute. You see I was born a runt with a weak heart and my overprotective father has tried to keep me from doing anything fun.” She smiled. “But since he was always gone as a knight for the king I learned to ride, hunt, fish, falconry and archery without his knowledge. “

Eva: “And your heart gave you no problems?”

Emelisse: “Lupa the alpha leader of the Lupercal prepares potions for me and has taught me how to breathe when I feel an attack coming. I know I may not have long to live so I enjoy my life as much as I can. Truth be told, most runts are killed at birth. My father did not allow my death. The seer found out later that I am destined to choose a mate that will unite all the packs.”

Eva: “That’s quite an honor.”

Emelisse: She shrugged. “Seems like my father wishes me to marry Radulf III the Cruel, the most powerful lycan in all the Frank Kingdom.”

Eva: “But you don’t love him.”

Emelisse: Vehemently shook her head. “Never. “ She lowered her voice. “I’m in love with a human woodsman, Galien. We meet discreetly. It is my wish to marry him.”
Eva: “But how will your father react?”

Emelisse: “Oh he will be angry, which is why I must runaway.”

Eva: “Are you not worried that they will follow your scent?”

Emelisse: She slowly shook her head. “I assure you, I must work on a plan that will not get Galien murdered. I would rather die than end up with Radulf.”

Eva: “Will your goddess Feronia allow this.”

Emelisse: Teary eyed she looked at her cup. “I will beg for her forgiveness.” The server brought her meat pie and she pushed it away.

Eva: “Not hungry?”

Emelisse: “Of late my stomach has been sensitive, perhaps a miasma.”

Eva: She looked pale. “Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?”

Emelisse: “I will fly my merlin.” She smiled. “Nothing brings me greater joy than riding and flying my bird.” She wiped her lips. “Thank you for sitting with me in such an interesting tavern.”

Eva: “Thank you. Take care.” She left and I peeked out the window as she mounted her mare and galloped up the hill.

Night Interview with Sigurd.

Eva: I gasped as in walked in a large framed muscular Norse werewolf with flaming red hair and aquamarine eyes. He wore Viking armor and on his belt was a sword that had to be half my height if not more. He was one of the most ruggedly handsome werewolves I have ever met. As if Thor was nearby a bolt of lightning lit up the night followed by a thundering boom. “Sigurd, thank you for meeting me this evening.” I gestured for him to sit. He took off his helmet and raked his long red hair back.

Sigurd: He smiled displaying snow white teeth and a hint of fangs. “Are you Hungerd in disguise?”

Eva: “No I am simply a woman from another realm who wishes to ask you a few questions. Who is Hungerd?”

Sigurd: He eyed me suspiciously before answering. “She is a crone wolf witch who has great powers in seior or magic. Often she shifts into others. Sometimes into birds or often she appears as a lovely woman.” Our server brought a bottle of Mead and poured us a glass. He sniffed in pleasure. “What is that wonderful aroma?” He looked around.

Eva: Was it Emelisse’s scent he picked up. “Tell me of your kind, Sigurd Son of Gunnolf the Red.”

Sigurd: “I am an Ulfhednar, a wolfskin. Odin’s brother, Loki created our kind just as he did our natural wild wolf brethren. We shift into giant bear size wolves with markings that separate us from the forest wolves. I am leader of my pack and rule those who are forced to become wolves during the full moon.”

Eva: “Lycans call the leader the alpha of the pack. Alphas can shift at anytime, while the lower ranked lycans or betas must shift during the full moon.”

Sigurd: He gave me a quizzical look and smiled. “Ah, the southern wolfskins.”

Eva: I nodded. “Without the alpha’s leadership the betas may run amok.”

Sigurd: Gulped his entire glass and poured more. “My sister Brynhild and a few den brothers are all that is left of a once prosperous pack.”

Eva: “Tell me what happened?”

Sigurd: He gritted his teeth and his eyes narrowed in rage. Thunder boomed in the distance. “My parents and older brother were massacred by bearskins, men who shift into bears.” He pounded his massive fist on the table causing the cups to spill and the local werewolf clientele to stop what they were doing to look. He took in a long breath. “Bork the Mad and his son Mord the Blood Claw must die by my hand. If in the end I cross the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla so be it.” Fangs flashed. "Bork wears my father's red wolf pelt!"

Eva: I drank my glass and wiped my lips of mead. “Is it true these bearskins must sleep during the winter?”

Sigurd: He nodded. “Hungerd the crone has searched for their lair but they too have a witch named Bolla who has used seior to hide their winter den.” He shrugged. “No matter, I wish to meet them in the battlefield so I can gaze at their eyes as they die watching their entrails litter the ground for the ravens to eat.”

Eva: “Ooh, yuck.” He was one serious werewolf out for blood and vengeance. “What does your sister think?”

Sigurd: He snorted. “Brynhild wants me to find an ulf hexen and raise a family but I will not until I find and kill Bork and his son.”

Eva: “Ulf hexen is your word for wolf maiden, a human mate.”

Sigurd: “Brynhild thinks she found one but I must tell her my decision to join a Viking drakkor.

Eva: “You wish to join raiders?”

Sigurd: “It is the only way I can find my sworn enemies. Mord and his sons are berserker bearskins who sail and raid for the Jarls. By joining a drakkor I hope to find them and tear them asunder.”

Eva: “But what about the ulf hexen?”

Sigurd: “If I am not in Valhalla then on my return I will seek out my mate.” He looked up as a distant howl was heard in the distance. “My sister calls.”

Eva: “Thank you for speaking to me. “

Sigurd stood and bowed. He donned his helmet and left as a storm pelted the ground. I knew he was in for a great epic adventure and hoped that like Emelisse he too would survive the Dark Ages, a time of great peril.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ask Doc Wednesday

Problems with werewolf boy or girl friend or spouse? Ask away.