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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday

Today I'm launching my new post called Ask Doc Werewolf Wednesday. Dear Abby for those who answer to the call of the wild. Come in and ask any werewolf concern you might have. Such as shift issues, alpha/beta issues, living with humans, my girlfriend is a werewolf issue. I will answer either immediately or wait a week while I consult the Lupercal Council. So any question just give me a howl. Please note my answers might be based on my Lupercal Society.


Mary said...

Wonderful Idea!
I posted a link!

Eva Gordon said...

Thanks Mary. I want to be available for anyone who has werewolf issues or happens to be a werewolf with issues. Howwwwwling Out Loud. HOL

Anonymous said...

Are werewolves haunted by their kills, as in American Werewolf In London?

Eva Gordon said...

Good question Nicole,
I think it depends on what kind of werewolf you are. If you are an involuntary werewolf(cursed) and can't control yourself, you will suffer from great guilt. Many are unaware about what have they have done. Waking up in the morning naked and covered in blood.

If you are a voluntary werewolf, you often seek kills and enjoy the kill or you might learn control and try not to kill. Depends on if you see humans as prey or as equals.

If you are a genetic werewolf, your pack either accepts kills or may have laws against. The Lupercal, which I am a member of forbids the killing of humans, however rogue werewolves who view humans as cattle ignore the laws.

If you suffer from Lycanthropy, you are a human with a mental illness and you think you become a wolf or other beast. You hallucinate. Other humans, especially from the past may have been serial killers who claimed to be werewolves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eva -- that was a good breakdown of the types of werewolves out there, something of which I have always wondered. ;)

Eva Gordon said...

You are welcome.

Howling advice and welcome any opinions by Vampires and other shifters as well.

Kayelle Allen said...

How do werewolves keep up with clothing? Does it rip as you change, or do you take it off first, or what? I've always wondered if reverting to human form meant some poor soul ended up running around nekkid in the woods, looking for large leaves or something. Please enslighten me.

ps - thank you for helping us out, Doc! This is very helpful of you.

Eva Gordon said...

Howlo Kayelle,
Werewolf clothing is always an issue. If you have time, you can remove your clothes. However, if trouble is brewing the werewolf's clothes will rip away. Some lycans hide their human clothes and return to the exact place.

In my werewolf universe, my lycans have especially made easy snap harness backpacks designed for a wolfish body. Pet stores have similar items for dogs. Inside they can carry change of clothes or human weapons. My lycans also love clothes with velcro.

Waking up naked somewhere calls for a quick explanation, like I got drunk and or I'm a nudist.

This was a bothersome problem in the Time Traveller's Wife.

Bone wing said...

I dont know what I am all I know is that I can relate to humen, wolf, and vamp. But I dont know what I am. Time seems endless. how do I find out what I am? Plz help"_" I mage

Eva Gordon said...

Howlo Bone Wing,
One way to find out is to do journey work with a shaman. This is done by drumming. He or she can help you find your power animal. My power animals are the wolf and raven.

Vampires feed on other's energy or blood. I generally stay away from energy vampires because they drain me.

bone wing said...

thank you The energy vamp. Can relate agen to that but then agen I cant. I dont know. could you tell me could a somen help others on sole shirches becouse I ve done that for other. I just am un able to find my one spirt or sole

Eva Gordon said...

I would say find a shaman in your neck of the woods. You can also find a local drumming circle usually through a New Age Book Store.

Bone Wing said...

thax that could help. I hav done something of the like of shomen to some people to help find there sole. I just can not do it to myself.

So I thank you agen. The forest grows around you as dose the mind of others. Your gide will come to you and your gidess will help many that seek it.
Let the magic of the forgonten woulds help you in you time of need.

bone wing said...

Thanx I will leav ya be now. Thanx a gen