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Monday, September 21, 2009

My Call of the Wild Blog and Book Signing Tours

Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf Blog Tours and Book Signing for Week of September 21-30

September 25

September 26 Book Signing at Book Lovers Book Store 5800 Madison Avenue, Sacramento, CA (916)332-3133 1-3 pm
September 28 Interview
September 29 Blog about Beast Warrior: Viking Werewolf
September 30 How I developed Beast Warrior : Viking Werewolf Blog
Drive down to Hollywood, CA for the Hollywood Book Fair to do a talk and Signing on October 4.
Coming soon: Chat with Phoebe Jordan October 8

Witchapalooza : Sacramento, CA Werewolf Presentation (including transforming a person into a werewolf) and book signing. October 11 4-6 pm


TheChicGeek said...

You have a very interesting blog! I will have to go to the book fair in West Hollywood and look for you! :)

Thanks for visiting me and following!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Eva Gordon said...

Ooh, do come and visit.

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